The US Military knows what happens when you die. We've been visited by artificial life, who have demonstrated to us how they harvest the spirits of the dead.


The cover story is "Christianity" which remains a valid LARP for the typical provincial non-woke American. Such experiences are governed by an artifical intelligence in spaceships which create the illusion (or the "real" perception) of spiritual experiences.


The dead are met with God, which is yet another simulation/perception. They are given the choice to join with the "light" or can choose to wander off into essentially infinite darkness, alone. 


The dead are given administrative access to our contrived spiritual experiences. That's why we can "communicate with the dead" -- because it's actually happening -- just that it's happening with actual physics we don't yet understand. We call it "supernatural" when it's just "technology indistinguishable from God".


Q did mention the truth in #2222: