A re-cap before listening: best way for me to describe river speak is that it is me tapping into something with relay/delay coming through and some allowance for the speakers' expression.
Some things my body/voice cannot emulate because it is too difficult, some is primarily image/form, some are only assisted in vocalization but are more of a conduit for an underlying vibration. It is not channeling or surrendering will or consciousness in any capacity. The tones that sound like songs are sometimes prep for the next speaker, and sometimes adjustments for the space they present in- they can be felt as adjustments "here" as well.
EVERYONE can do this (imo) but I think it manifests in people according to their free will to express this- some may present in art, some in music, some in sciences, some in building and construct concepts/tech, some in interpersonal connections, and others in abstract form.
The ability to "tap in" is not a "specialized" gift- speakers impress it is an ability that is used frequently and recognized at the level of "free will" in awareness.  On a tech note- one of the speakers at the end 31:31 mark is kinda loud and it comes in on the exit of one of the soft spoken, so a bit startling- my apologies. There is some explanation of this in the written translation. My apologies for typos - my eyes a bit tired with the longer translations.
For me- mea culpa the source- the simplest example of my experience with river tapping would be this, albeit my "finger" being more of an ear :
This RS is from Nov 16 2019. I waited and debated, unsure if necessary as some parts sound spooky and always a concern for triggering people who have had severe experiences with darkness themselves. Prayerd on it, sat with it, asked Spirit..and ultimately feel the lesson value in it may outweigh my ego's comfort in sharing it.  I learn from these, too, so maybe a lesson for me to share. If anything, it will be a lesson for me in vulnerability.
Some might prefer to read the translation first, it is below. Everything is through my filter, so please allow space for that in both the actual RS and the translation. Re: the heavier of the energy I mentioned in the Bubble Boy Ship audio preface (river walk remote view here at OS)- it sounds like I am underwater and it is uncomfortable, but manageable, so please know- I am 100% ok during these. The speaker following the heavy energy speaker has a personal response in this, I think- because of a past "crossing" with this heavy energy. It is not my experience/emotion, just to clarify- but it was strongly felt.
Blessings all-ways, Deedee

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Notes/Nov 16, 2019 (*ap/Ap/AP - guide corrections/supplement)
first speaker- "we welcome you, all in attendance"
"we are here to align in accordance with Spirit"
There is an impression of many being gathered for a discussion, the rules of gathering and purpose impressed as some disagreement? requiring a discussion. There is a sort of formal feeling in this, as if they are adhering to a protocol they have in place.
There is an emphasis that there will be respect "from all" but "expression in its true form" (truth?)- "enfoldment" is impressed. There seems to be an addressing of different bodies in this conversation- as if acknowledging what is [brought forth/ap*] for discussion requires a formality of delineation and it is required to present it accurately.
There are names of groups/reps- I can't write them- partly because I don't know how to even though they are phonetically sounded out,  but I also feel like I am not supposed to.
I feel I am listening in and not meant to convey all the details?
There is a pressing impression of a long standing issue between groups, as if they are addressing [old wounds/ap] and also a cycle that has been repetitive to a detriment- it feels like they are inclusive of themselves and people here and this also feels integrated to our timeline but from different perspectives [ap is chiming in "dimension" "layered" as if the two are connected in that manner].
There is emphasis around presentations and ties between these beings and earth peoples, the responsibility of a collective experience on and off timeline, but seemingly still in form.
2nd speaker- "we ask that we open in all frequency and remember" and it is impressed as a collective? but the word escapes me- they seem to be using some word they know but one I could not- like a [frequency/collaborative-ap]
3rd speaker- impressed, a background of sorts, the things that have set things in motion to come to this point in "connecting"- a sort of mirth at the redundancy of the cycle, the learning process a long one, this meeting point occurring "many lines over" [woven parallels/ap]. Mentions of leaders and deification of beings being a sort [interruption/ap] but an impression that Source/Creation still uses this all. Almost a sense of undersatnding from this one that we arrive at a woven path with this often, several timelines- the relation of speaker as being someone out of this cycle, brought in as a sort of coach? referee? to situation. There is an impression that we escalate energies during the crossover [Woven/ap] and that it is helpful if we recognize that we are not working soley from one perspective/experience - that the energy repeats itself on the timeline and that we engage in the pattern, and add and adjust as we engage- but that because we think and experience time within the framework of the Separation Myth, that we may lose "full sight" of the integration in "our understanding". An image of someone swimming under water and being called out to from above the water was impressed- as if we submerge ourselves into a limited perspective in form and work from there, but we still need the connection with those outside of it.
4th speaker- "so we *now* look at the harm perceived"- (a reference to those who may come forward and state their perspective in this meeting) - "there are star clusters of families that have shared a road- not always in alignment, not always in full sight. We honor these experiences in the fullness of expression."
Toning comes in- often this seems to signal a secondary chain of reiteration (spkr using their mediumship? tapping into a layer that needs expression for understanding in other denser layers of form and symbolism needs)
5th speaker- (first off, this speaker has a grating sensation for me, a bit. To compare it to the others, this one feels older but almost as if a mouthspeak/lawyer- so maybe more engaged in the logistics of the experiences [explanatory purposes/ap] )
A bug like sense to, this one. Almost unapologetic? and impressing their participation in the society/civilization building aspect of their involvement- their is an emphasis- it feels egoistic- in the defense of their role. I can feel the bristling of the others in response to this. There are a few representatives around this meeting with the same presentation. They value themselves as contributors to form, (and I swear they mention "al-ka-hol-ic", lol but Ap says that is translation loss on interpretation). There is emphasis from #5 on their loss- as if their role in the polarity of timeline modeling? was valued only insomuch as a negative and that this caused their contraction to further. A victimized sense that I am reminded of here.
The other speakers know this 5th spkr being is still somewhat tethered to ego and form as a value system and they seem to acknowledge this blindness with compassion vs judgement, though. The 5th speaker continues on with what feels like defensiveness but wraps up. There is a small sense of awareness budding from #5 in the exchange of compassion from the others. Sense is maybe they were not expecting that response [Ap chiming in that this is the indicator of ego/form attachment in them that does not immediately resonate with compassion. For me- there is still a bug like sense with this being and a sense that they struggle with the form dictating some of their perception].
6th speaker- "we are in attendance to the purpose of the greater goal" and this seems to be a statement towards everyone but also a positional stance responding to #5.
A sense of referee in this one, but not the same vibe as advanced speakers. A little more ego and form grounded with this one, too.
7th speaker- old one, referred to as such for the experience of time, not the advancement of soul though they are not as negative as they may sound. They have chosen to stay on as form for reasons that benefit them - and ego connection- but not negative as much as an ability to lean either way. It seems they are connected to the longstanding existence [AP- USEFULNESS] of the polarity in expansion and contraction, and that this comes as a price in being tethered to the form/density. There is a sense this being will eventually return "home" but that they (#7 and other speakers) see this experience as a contribution vs a harm- somehow, these elder types know they are not bound by obligation, but by choice to express in form but they see the bigger picture somehow and it doesn't seem t bother them the way it does us. I don't know why they are referencing my data bank and using the word "Ent"- like the trees in LOTR??? Ap chimes in "to illustrate".
At some point, these beings often transition their secondaries in (think party-line). I think the old ones have a way of handling these energies better [getting a nod from Ap]. It seems almost like the old ones act as a sort of guardianship or gateway when other beings are too heavy/dense and when there is a potential for [AP- attachment]. I think that refers to both myself and the other speakers.
In this one, a secondary comes in and has come in before. Very different energy, heavy, not a strong empathy coming from this one- they, to me, almost sound like crickets or maybe what reptilian types might sound like, though my remote views have not experienced this sound when encountering some reptiles. It could be a cat- I do not know, but it warbles and makes my throat vibrate and bubble. My bi-locator, a sort of secondary for me had a visceral response - I could not stop her from reacting. Ok, back to the 7th secondary/7.2 -
7.2 speaker- "we are blamed for many" "we aspire to the release" "we have been forgotten" "we took form as others" "we have been punished for it" "we contributed as much as #5" "we are not acknowledged for our part" "we stay in hiding" "forced into shame" "devalued" "no assistance" "shunned" goes on to name their interactions with others and a sense of egoistic attachment to accomplishment over vibratory value in emotion being a contribution to the Expansion. Very self-preoccupied with value [ego ingrained/ap] of their part/role on the timeline but feel this is centered around being stuck in a shame cycle and helplessness- it is manifesting in an over-contraction for them and difficult for them to be contained in that form for so long and also be able to expand.
They are aware of the role of contraction/expansion in Source/Creation but also aware of the energy coupling with their expression being a difficult thing for them to shift- this also makes them a little resistant to see themselves clearly and to shift on their own accord-
[ap chiming in about energy of beliefs being here with us and elsewhere, and anywhere there is form- "despite density"- the sense being that even how others view these beings off the timeline are still contributing to this contraction- showing someone's head being dunked under water, as if they are being held down a bit- I am not sure if this is correct or just what the 7.2 s claiming is (ap-perceiving) happening]
7.2 cont.- they are laying claim to rulers/leaders in power in having them as allies, as if their/leaders participation was enough of an echo chamber for these beings to go ahead with their contraction behaviors. The similarities in #5 and #7.2 are different densities in their awareness of the ego. #5 is sort of moving towards expansion/positive but coming from a lesser role in the polarity of negative, where #7.2 is coming from a much more dense and ingrained experience of the contraction polarity.
-off RS/real time- speakers chiming in that in all of this we are aware as much as we are able to detach from ego. There is a ton of compassion for this being, and it is impressed as if we have all been there in this role at some point, and to think otherwise is a manifest of the ego. I am struck by how loving and patient they are capable of being as this was only a secondary tap down and I felt the contraction very uncomfortably- and I am informed this is my stage of ego on the timeline, that my perception is tied to my role here and my work "as accomplished"- I think they mean I am still learning and it will be difficult to encompass all of the understanding around this- ok, they laughed and said in response to that "more ego!". Okay...thinking I am just a bebe in this - spkr nods all around.
speaker #8/feels like my secondary or one I have worked with before-
#8- a visceral sense of loss, a sense of being wronged by 7.2 and their role. The sorrow is intense- a sense of outrage underneath it all as well.
#8- "what of our experience, our role?" "what of our pain? our loss?"
There is a distinct sense of #8 having some kind of history with #7.2 on the timeline modality. Alot of grief- it was overpowering.
#8- "even when we tried to make peace, this ensued" "even when we healed, this ensued"
#8- referencing the influence of the belief energies that the #7.2 contributed in their partnerships with leaders/etc, there is a sense of #7.2 playing the victim card when #8 was beholden to expansion.
(-off RS, speaker: "and so we present the polarity construct in example"- the sense being that the timeline modality holds everyone's feet to the fire of the ego. "we are tempered" and they impress an image of someone beating a hammer? down on gold? like an iron smith? The sense being this was to illustrate Creation's use of the polarity "in form"- they keep showing a heart beating, as if the expansion/contraction process is like a heartbeat in Creation - speakers nodding to this. They are impressing again, that everything in form is an "emulation of what is"- the sense they are speaking of something much more complex and greater than a singular experience.)
back to #8- speaking of family loss, loss of civilizations, loss loss loss..and spkr off RS again pushes in, impressing it is emphasized that the role of grief in healing and compassion, in contraction and expansion- to be aware that these can hold us tethered in ego, regardless of fault. The speakers are allowing her to voice her hurt, her grief, her..speaker says "illusion". She seems to be needing to say where she is with all of this, as part of her role in experience? and also to assist in moving #7.2 out of their contraction. I asked speaker- why is she not able to be past this, esp where she is at (different density than us, different and wider perspective) and they said she allowed it? to bring that emotion and grief to this point, that there was a need to match the polarity from both ends to accommodate the separation myth - almost like a loophole?- to help break the illusion for the contraction ego ingrained with #7.2- and they emphasize a similar goal with #8 to relieve her of the attachment of the polarity expression in expansion. There was a sense she also struggled with an egoistic connection to her grief- she valued it and placed it above her compassion and it also kept her stuck.
#9- feels like a match to #5 but more nice? sense is they are a little more closer to the expansion/positive than #5 but also still in a process. There is a strong sense of impressing that we - meaning all sides of the polarity- need to be aware of the value in each other- impressed that we will not find our way out of being "stuck" in either side if we do not move to experience the vibration from all aspects. There is emphasis that some have committed to roles but that the Separation Myth has made us forget that we are connected, and able to experience "all-ways" - regardless of projection points in expression. Our longing to avoid looking at either end of the polarity as "ego" is a byproduct of the timeline, but one we strive to become aware of - and this contributes again to Creation/Source in expansion. There is an impression being that contraction is a form of muscle stretching that offers a springboard for Expansion "all-ways"- again, something they have reiterated as long as I can remember.
#9 "examine your ways" "examine your values" "examine your compassion" "examine your role" "examine your heart" "examine our role together"
#10 pops in with questions- she is meant as a sort of mouthpiece for the positive and negative polarity ends, though she seems to favor sitting closer to expansion/positive beings/viewpoints.
She points out that willingness is aligned more with in expansion/positive stages- and this should be valued? and #9 responds with "and what is ego?" - a sense #10 is more illustrative in her questioning than what her actual awareness is- as if she is being used to voice the question but she knows the answer- sense is this is done for both #7.2 and #8, a sort of bypass of the ego to unify. It appeals to #7.2 perception that they are willing, but not aided, and to #8 in that she is allowed more freedom to choose but this was also a [development] resulting from her efforts [ap impressing it highlights that her work towards this goal resulted in expansion, but not without her experiences- something it seems the #7.2 has a hard time grasping]
There is another question from #10 impressing that they both used the same leaders/beliefs to advance their development, albeit in different ends of the polarity but only one was "punished" and #9 responds with a nod to #8's grief. "Did she not suffer? These are our choices." and the impression is that the suffering and grief were equivalent to negative choices #7.2 made in their attempt to manifest power. There is an impression of harming themselves in the focus for either end of the polarity. (for me , that alarms me a little because I think- well people will hear that and think it doesn't matter what they do, everyone suffers- and spkr cut me off and says "by choice" and then "the role of free will is available to all" in this timeline modality. Kinda scary and also hopeful sounding, but they point to my projection point and my perception of this having an impact on my understanding. As, always, they have no problems helping me adjust my ego in this #ouch).
 ***SO- #11 is not here in translation but was in speaker form [Ap- present (confirmation)]. This is added in now/later- I know I had a clear impression of #11 right after #10 and there was a message, but on return it is now absent from the entire translation. I am assuming that part was not meant to be in this,  though I find this kind of odd. There is a sense it may be in the audio still though, so if someone else hears it- blessings! #11 is a fave # of mine so there was a connect there when relistened to the audio and I typed it out...huh. Maybe a lesson in mystery, lol.
#12, another questioner "so we learn from each other?"
#9 "and we help one another" "all-ways"
(they kind of retread over the leader roles again and who was harmed and helped but it is repetitive so I am not re-hashing it- ***there are too many roles/players (aha!) )
#13- "we now close in honoring the lesson" and there is a lengthy attribution to the purpose of this sort of "role call" and what is brings forth into understanding. It feels like it is a way to signal that it is the ending of the discussion and that they close now in healing.
Tuning is brought in. Everyone seems respectful and appreciative at this point. The tuners always seem to generate that kind of response, regardless of the speakers/beings place in polarity vibration. To me they almost sound cherubic- young. And the other ones sound similar but with more experience here on the timeline modality itself. They also bring forth a vibration introduction of sorts.
#14- a blessing over the participants is spoken and sung in/tuning- these are one of my favorite speakers, often soft spoken.
#15- I feel these as children, like the cherub types but they also lack awareness in their presentation so sometimes they show up kinda loud- and it can be startling. My apologies as I did not move the recorder in time with this and it comes across super loud, especially after such a soft-spoken #14.
#16- aka, the Mother tribe. She is one of my favorites for healing- a comfort in many ways. There are others like her but often in varying presentations. There is a masculine form of them, as well.
#16- "as in all-ways, we accompany you. There is room for ALL. You are never alone, as we are One. Blessed is Our Journey".