John Lennon commented in an interview about why the unusual song “Revolution 9,” because it is the “highest number in the universe; after that you go back to one.” For many Beatles fans who try to rationalize how a band can go from, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to the seemingly spooky absurdity of “Revolution 9“ suggest it must have been the drugs. But is this really the case? Many fans laugh at the notion that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced. Yet there are seemingly endless clues, not just with the Beatles but also other bands in the know. Even if the man had never died and the conspiracy is a joke, why all the clues? What does it mean “Turn Me On Dead Man?”


Have you ever noticed how “Revolution 9” sounds like more of a song in reverse than forwards? And it is not just me but what others think based on the comments on this Youtube channel were it has been reversed.   There is a standing joke in the Paul is dead community that proves that 'Paul' is trying to tell us the truth. He uses the same story over and over again about how amazed he is with his fame and how he looks at himself as two different people. McCartney claims there is the “him” the famous guy and then there is “me” the guy slobbing at home watching TV. To casual listeners this seems like a cute little story but rather it seems like a good way to give the public clues, and at the same time give a few laughs for those in the know. So when we listen to “Revolution 9” in reverse we get "Take HIM home" and "Take HIM out" in the intro; which is evident forwards as "hold that line" and "Block that kick" at the end of the song. What is interesting is that instead of gibberish we get the same message in reverse that we get going forward. What is interesting is that it does not matter how many nines you string together and add up gematria, you get nine. This seems like magic but there must be an explanation?


Many serious mathematicians might believe that adding up numbers using a gematria calculator is in the realm of horoscopes and astrologers. But nevertheless, the logic dictates that we can take two, three, four, etc. digit numbers and add them up to reach a single digit between 1 and 9. Folks familiar with the method know that once you get past nine, 10 becomes one, 11 becomes 2, 12 becomes 3 and so and and so forth. Why is this happening? Nature can be observed as seasons, months, days, etc. in continuous repetition. Trees for instance lose their leaves in the fall, only to sprout new leaves in the spring, only to repeat year after year as long as the tree is alive. So no matter where you look in nature it can be observed that reality/nature goes through a continuous cycle of “becoming and then passing away.” Nothing lasts forever as we say. Could it be that the reason why all rational numbers can be reduced down to a single digit is because maybe that is all there is??? And numbers after nine only represent this pattern repeating? If this is the case, 9 is a pretty significant number, right?


In the mysterious PID book, “The Memoirs of Billy Shears” it is discussed that Paul McCartney was “all about the 9s” while his alleged replacement William Shepherd is “all about the 6s.” If we can narrow reality down to nine numbers, some numbers might be positively charged compared to other numbers which are negative; if we consider that nature is also about endless polarity: male-female, black-white, hot-cold, easy-hard, light-darkness, good-bad, etc. then our numbers must also balance out with polarity. So if 9 is this important number let's call it positive and thus 6 must be it's negative; just as the book suggests that the two men are connected. Perhaps this connection is possible because the two are opposites?


Many folks get a little spooked by the figure 666. We find it in the Bible, and it has been brought up by other prophets, as well as being used in “The Memoirs of Billy Shears.” So what does 666 have to do with William? Well we know the magic of 9 always yielding a nine, but it takes three sixes to finally get to the positve nine. So logically it is better to reach 9 with 9s (logic/positve)rather than reach it with 6s (illogic/negative). So both represent the same force of power but coming from two different polarities! This means that 666 is not evil per se, but rather in terms of numbers only signifies an inefficient path. But in Williams case his sixes need to reach the nine of McCartney so it makes sense.


Now back to Revolution 9, in the beginning of the song "Number 9" is repeated 15 times or the number 6. Again, John is trying to turn the 6 upside down. He is trying to “block the kick” of six. And he is trying to “hold the line” of 9. Also the phrase "Number 9" turned around backwards is the famous "turn me on dead man;" when this phrase is put into a gematria calculator the phrase also equals nine. Again this is not a mystery because we are building with logical 9s. Another interesting feature is that Revolution 9 was revered by iamaphoney into the song AR2/3RA. Obviously we had two Pauls if the story is true and three other Beatles; so 2 divided by 3 to get us .6666... So again 2/3 is reaching for the desired 9. Also we had not four Beatles but supposedly secretly five which is 2 and 3. And I am sure you know RA, Egyptian god. And of course this is all a "Rotten A-Paul" corp(se). This puzzle was NOT produced by accident. And the song is not some random experiment but rather a sophisticated spell or mathematical algorithm to gain the power from the number nine, in my opinion. In other words, the song is about the revolution of the 6s into nine; as well as using the most logical force in the universe or the force of nine to get an effect. If we were back in the 1960s we might say “heavy;” of course Marty McFly says it too.