This says it All:    

Great interview! Even as a kid, indoctrinated in that whole milieu, I never understood why this "god" loves all humans but loves you MORE if you make certain hand motions and recite certain verses in a particular house. Then, in Catholic high school I failed to understand why we had to pray for our various sports teams' successes at the various rallies we'd have to endure. Like what, the team that prays the hardest wins? LOL! Why would GOD, who created the Universe, be bothered as to caring about the outcome of a particular high school football game? Who in their right mind would ever say something as conceited as "God bless America" knowing full well that that same country genocided the Indians, enslaved the African people, funded Hitler, funded ISIS, and kills its own people every day. Kenneth Humphreys is right about Europeans being more humanist and practically non-religious compared to Americans and it's because we know where that road leads. The bloodiest war in human history was a religious war fought right here and killed FORTY PERCENT of the population, and NO it wasn't WW2 but the 30 Years War. THAT level of absolute INSANITY needs to be treated like a dangerous drug. So did we learn our lesson? Well, NO because less than 300 years later we had WW2 that killed the greatest number of people in absolute terms. At the rate we're going, we will NOT survive as a species.
Religion is The Jing and Qyeen of Separation and Division!   (my words)  No God or Goddess stopped any of the past  Cataclysms.

Love without Action is Useless!