The Evil Bible is Filled with Bloodshed!   Human and Animal Bloodshed.  Here is a definition of bloodshed: The shedding of blood, especially the injury or killing of people.  Yes, The Bible God Is a Killer!    This is the Most Evil book every written!  Anyone who sheds a person or animal's blood. or has someone else do it for them is a killer!  I used to be that kind of person, until my eyes and heart wre open to Truth.  This is what separates me, from you.  I want No Association with Killing.  Plants, Seeds, Nuts, Grains, and Vegetables have No Blood in them.  Life is in the Blood.  No essential blood, No Life.

I was a Vegatarian for a long time before I became a Vegan.  Now you may finally understand why I am the Happiness, Peace Love Light and Favor Man.

Look at a bunny's teath and your teeth, they are flat on the end.  Your are a hebivore and you do not even know it.