We have, I believe, a close association with Nordic Aliens (Pleiadians).  Here are pictures.  Some of these pictures could be fakes but most are, I believe, genuine.


A picture of Maria Orsic that worked with the Nazi's.  She may have been German/human Nordic or she may have been Alien.


As with most Internet Pictures authenticity unknown.  But this pictures fits most descriptions of Nordic Aliens.


Possible photo of a 'Tall White'.  Sometimes they are associated with Nordic Aliens.


Another picture showing Tall Whites.  I have seen them in person.  The one's below may be Russian Twins that are hybred Human/Tall White.


This is Ashtar Sheran, a Nordic Alien Leader (Head of the Ashtar Command).  I met him and he looks like this but this could be a carefully done drawing.


This is Mona Lisa from Apollo 20.  While very human like, except for six fingers and toes, she may come from an Ancient Race not connected to the Nordic Aliens--or possibly a race the Nordic Aliens branched off of.  The same might be true of us humans as well.


More pictures of Mona Lisa of Apollo 20.


While visiting America's SSP Space Station I met Ashtar Sheran.  He impressed me. He was brilliant and wise.  We visited an observation deck on his huge Starship being used as a Space Station.  It looked like the one below.


Trying to get confirmation of authenticity of above picture I did this blow up.  It sounds a little strange for . . . our English.


While on the SSP Space Station I met a Nordic Alien that looked like this, except for the helmet.  Between orange eyes and Tall Whites I believe Nordic Aliens have blended with other Aliens.  And, the same is true of us humans.  Note:  I checked and found out that some human Nordics also have orange eyes.