Hello world. The following is from 2019.
You are and have been living in an illusion! I have been saying this for a long, long time. You are and have been living in an illusion! That we are dealing with taxation without representation every time the government or IRS comes in and clears out peoples bank accounts for not paying income tax. Seriously, enough is enough. When will Humanity wake up to these crooks who are robbing them blind while killing them at the same time by forcing them into the modern day concentration camps called cities to be force vaccinated? You are and have been living in an illusion!
This illusion has multiple layers to it and the creation of it began the day you were borne into this reality. You are trained to blindly accept that something is real and true or be punished for not complying. Each of the people in this video states they were shocked to find no laws stating we are required to pay income tax. Yet they had each blindly believed there was one when ask for the code on it. When they researched it they each found none. When they brought this to their superiors attention they were asked to resign or quit.
The web of lies is unraveling at an unprecedented pace. The media we once trusted has been proven to be lying. Our government we trusted has been found to be lying to prosecute innocent people. To take everything they have from them on a whim or in retaliation to silence them. They do this and will go so far as to commit murder such as what happened to the Bundy's. They have now been labeled as dangerous and placed on a list banning them from bearing arms after the Superior Courts returned their property and rights to them by acquitting them everything the government accused them of falsely. Even their right to bear arms. Yet the government has refused to remove them from that list.
All kinds of factual documentation is being uncovered through FOIA Requests from all over the world. Human trafficking rings have been uncovered and found to be run by governments and elites from around the world. The system is coming down my brothers. The illusion is no longer working. Humanity is awakening to the Truth one individual at a time.
Nothing is as it may seem. Lies have been used to control and manipulate you using your own minds and emotions to do so. Slowly your rights to be the Sovereign Beings you have always been, have been stripped from you by getting you to believe they are real, true and you must conform and comply to them or be punished for not doing so. Awaken to the Truth of what has been done to you. Awaken and take back your Sovereignty to be Self Governing so Self Reliant once again as the Creator created you to be.
Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.

There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax