Studying and attain a qualification is no easy task in this era. The amount of work and fees need to pay is very high. Assignment and homework like dissertation, thesis and much more take students’ tremendous amount of time. Speaking of dissertation “Dissertation Advisors” can help you will almost any kind of dissertation. Whether it be Law Dissertation Help you need or nursing dissertation help they will do it at an affordable cost. If you are thinking about studying in a foreign country especially for your higher education, it may be a great idea. Is your first priority of international higher education in the UK? Yes then here are 6 quick facts about higher education in the UK. 

  1. Asian are the most foreign students.

Asia continues to send it a great number of residents to study in foreign countries mainly the UK. According to a recent report, around 44 percent of total international undergraduate students are from Asia. Chinese students are the highest number of students. Other countries like Hong Kong, India, and Malaysia follow China.  

Europe is currently the second-largest group of undergraduate of a student making around 35 percent of the total foreign students. Mostly countries like Germany, Italy, and France take out the top three European countries with the most national at UK universities.

  1. More Chinese postgraduate than undergraduate

According to the recent report of HESA, the designated data body for higher education in England, there are around 50,000 plus Chinese students that are at a postgraduate level. While the number of undergraduate students who are Chinese is nearly 10,000 plus. This may seem shocking but here are the reasons. Most undergraduate students can’t afford studies in foreign countries. Only post-undergraduate Chinese students can somewhat provide enrollments. 

There some other countries as well where postgraduate students’ numbers at most UK universities outnumber students. Undergraduate students include Germany and Greece in Europe as well as the US, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Thailand.

  1. Business students is most popular subject.

Business and administrative studies are the most common subject among undergraduate. Next to business studies Medicines and biological sciences are also the most opted subject in the UK. At the postgraduate level, the students’ number was the highest in business and education-related subjects.

Most of the males students opt for engineering in the UK. Female students dominate in the studies of medicines.

  1. Four in ten Academics in STEM.

In 2016-17 alone, around 43 percent of engineering and technology staff at UK universities were from outside of the UK. Almost equally split between EU national and Non-Eu nationals.

In the biological, mathematical and physical sciences, the figure was very high with almost 39 percent of the staff was from overseas. It has a negative implication on the UK’s immigration systems works. It should treat all these individuals correctly and according to law.

Staff and students from around the overseas make a vital contribution to research and teach at the universities. Four of the top ten academics are in the stem which is from abroad. The future immigration system of the UK must allow talented staff and students to work and study in the UK as minimal barriers possible.

  1. 40 percent of undergraduate are unskilled

There are unsettling stats in the unemployment rates and median salaries portion of the current statistics.

Only around 59.8 percent of graduates and 73.9 percent of the total postgraduate range between the ages of 21-30 years old are highly skilled employment. When it comes to the unemployment rates, there are more degree-holding from ages 21 to 30 years who unemployed compared to the national average.=

It can be easily seen that young people aren’t getting jobs after graduation. It raises a vital question which is the use and importance of going to university in the first place. Furthermore, the rate of unemployment among non-graduate is much higher at around 6.7 percent. Which is 2.6 percent higher than those who are undergraduate degrees.

  1. People with unique personalities:

Moving to an international country like huge as the UK will introduce you to meet and know with many varieties of kinds of people. This involvement can be thrilling and frightening at the same time. Due to the verities of significant personalities of your peers, you may struggle with keeping up with these peers. However, it is crucial to stay true to yourself while letting yourself to be open to change and the development of growing into a better human being.

Bonus facts

  • The viewpoint of a job is available

Most students who come to the United Kingdom on a scholarship supply. Nevertheless, the cost of living, eating and socializing is not shielded by these funds. Be that as it may, students who go to the UK with a Student Visa have the state’s authorization to take employment into part-time employment in the country with some terms and conditions applied.

  • Undergoing racism is possible

Although the political mindfulness of racial fairness, numerous senior citizens living in the UK will exhibit some racial preconceptions and discrimination. Even though social warriors are working to revalorize that, many international students still face racism in their academic courses.

  • A numerous of academic projects will be committed

Although university life is the time at which a student discover their innermost self and studies life teachings that last a lifetime, it is also the period where students are crushed under with the pressure of academic assignments. On the justification of this, many students may employ a certified dissertation writer to create their educational projects so they can adore the best of both domains.

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