I was on the ski racing team at Ohio State University in 1977.  A friend of mine that owned a Health Food Store in a nearby city knew I raced and told me she was selling Rrbounders and it would be great for Racing Training.  Albert Carter started the company and she asked me if I could pick him up at the airport in Dayton, Ohio.  I replied that I could do that.  He was a very intelligent man and we had a great conversation of the way back.  His Olympic Trainer handbook came with the rebounder and had sport specific training.  It did wonders for my endurance , energy, and balance. Rebound is the Best Whole Body Cellular Exercise you can do. That. and how I eat,  is why I am so healthy and strong.  I use mine 5 days a week The following is a super quote from someone who purchased his most recent book:
Wow! I have read Albert E. Carter's book 10 times since I got it about 6 weeks ago. My mother had purchased one of his original Rebounders, and I even had his original book. I never could figure out how anyone would enjoy working on a rebounder, especially if they were women, so I finally got rid of it. Years past, I've been hospitalized 23 or so times, have had yucky health issues, a total hip replacement, cataract surgery (both eyes), and a pacemaker. For the past 7 years I endured screaming pain because of my medical issues. I've been on crutches, had a walker, as well as canes. After my total hip replacement, I'd try walking. It would take me 1 hour to go 6 blocks and all the while, I'd be in screaming pain. A neighbor found a rebounder and thought that might help me improve. Well, I tried it. Didn't know what I was doing. Gave up even trying. Now, I'm over my significant health issues, but still suffer from chronic fatigue, and walking more than a mile becomes agony for me.
Now? I still have this second rebounder, and it even has a stabilizing bar, which is a good thing because I am 77 and stability can be an issue for a senior citizen. But, up until 9-6-2014, all it did was gather dust and was not used. But, I was reviewing comments about another product at where one of the folks wrote that everyone needs to read Albert E. Carter's book on the New Miracles of Rebound Exercise. Curious, I went and peeked inside this book, became intrigued, ordered it, and waited impatiently for it to arrive. Even before the book arrived, I pulled out the rebounder my neighbor found for me and lodged it in my living room. From what I'd read at the site about the benefits of rebounding, I was preparing my home for the arrival of this book, and my own destiny.
From Happy Healthy Senior
As I've said, I've read it 10 times, each time learning more and more and more and more. Mr. Carter has had a most fascinating life and has helped so many folks. What Mr. Carter says in this book makes incredible sense. I chastised myself for giving away my 1st rebounder made by him (as well as his first book) and now I have one not made by him. But, I have been having real challenges with chronic fatigue, and if I walk more than 1 mile, I will spend the night thrashing my bed. I don't have pain, but I have these issues. So, I decided I would try to do gentle movements (bounces) where my feet do not leave the mat, and I would hold onto the bar for stability purposes, and do that for 2 minutes. Initially I did this 3 times a day. I increased that where I have done these 2 minute Health Bounces 5 times each day. That is only 10 minutes. I also started doing 30 seconds of Low Strength Bounces.
Initially, I did experience a wee bit of pain in the lower part of my back. But, I iced it. I still thrashed the bed a bit. Then, no more pain. Because I still have chronic fatigue, I found that if I would get on my rebounder and do the Health Bounces for 2 minutes, the fatigue would vanish. If I was tired, I'd get on the rebounder for 2 minutes, and be invigorated when I got off. Wow.
October 6, 2014 I had a young man who had volunteered to remove blackberry bushes growing on the hillside behind my home. Believe it or not, I was completely able to work along with him, with absolutely no issues at all. I had no fatigue. I had no pain. I had incredible energy. And, after I finished working with removing the blackberry bushes (we completely filled two huge waste containers with blackberry debris), I was then able to go to my front yard and move 15 contractor-size wheel barrels of wood chips up a slope to disperse around my above-ground vegetable beds.
How was the young man who helped me? He is only 23. He was pooped after 3 hours of work. I wasn't. He played soccer that night. I checked with him 2 days later, and he is still tired. Am I? Absolutely not! I am learning so much from Mr. Carter's book. Realizing that NASA clearly states that working out on a rebounder is 86% better than walking or running is like having frosting on a cake. Now, I am 77. I plan to live a long life and be in excellent health. I am thrilled to know that I can do what I am doing. It is making a huge difference in my health. And, when I do the Strength Bounces where my feet are up off of the mat, that the G-force is forcing toxins from my lymphatic system.
Have I said enough? Buy his book. Buy a dozen and given them to folks. The rebounder to buy? His of course. Read the book, so you'll know where to go.
UPDATE 2-16-2015
I'm continuing to do these gentle bounces on my rebounder. However, not only do I no longer need to hold onto the bar, my body is now most stable as I gently bounce up and down. I continue to do only 3 to 5 times a day these 3 minute gentle bounces where my feet do not come off the mat!
My strength is getting better and better in every way.
The summer of 2014, my height had declined to 5' 4 1/2" however, I used to be 5' 6". Guess what? I saw a doctor last Tuesday, 2-10-2015 and my height has RETURNED TO 5' 6".
The Restless Leg Syndrome? Gone! Absolutely gone! I now sleep through the night most peacefully, awakening fully refreshed. I also absolutely have zero pain in my body anywhere! The cellulite and angel wings are also slowly going away, and I feel so absolutely excellent!
I take the bus everywhere I go, pushing my Versacart for groceries (including Costco), sewing supplies, etc., and think nothing of walking wherever I want to go.
What is also so thrilling is to finally after 4 years following my Total Hip Replacement Surgery on my left leg, is to find that I can now stand on my left leg, unaided, as I put on slacks! Before, I always had to sit down because I was so unstable on my feet.
I really look like I'm in my 30s or 40s and not decrepidly pushing my 80s.