If our life forces us to study and work at the same time, we must have good planning. Combine work with study involves great effort and will.

How to balance school with work

It is likely that at some point in our lives we are forced to have to reconcile study with work. What may seem like an odyssey through faults of hours throughout the day, is not whether we plan the day correctly, even without giving up some hobbies or occasional hobbies.

Choosing to coordinate work and studies

Although the current situation leaves many choices, if you have several job offers on the table should be chosen well that it will take for studies that are willing to take. In this regard, it should be noted that is not the same pursue a career in college, for example, that the baccalaureate or semi-face course, the burden of hours that involve one form or another.

Also, be valued class schedules, and if required forced or non-presence (often depends on the center and teacher in particular), as well as considering that for every hour of class certainly taken us wait another hour or more individual work home.

In this sense, if we can not make a reliable planning of class time, we should not start looking for work to start them, because then we can find surprises like that some teachers require compulsory attendance or late has made a change schedule.

Planning to study and work schedules

Although the day has 24 hours, we rarely spend more than 12 or 14 a day to study and work, minus the hours of sleeping, eating and other daily needs. That is why planning a certain time is everything when get away adventure combine work and studies.

Draw up a weekly schedule, with all the activities that will take place and time in which we do is essential, although of course, has to comply to the letter. You also can not forget the distribution of the daily study, being most desirable spend one or two hours a day, for example, rather than make the whole task of the week in one night, a habit that will decrease productivity significantly.

What can be done is to advance work or hours of study if it is possible, for example, when we get a day off in the company. Organizing the schedule so that endure the greatest burden on weekdays (work further study), and leaving the rest or leisure weekends, we have a more or less normal (though challenging) life without failing in the attempt.

Finally, it should be noted that in addition to the economic advantage of combining study and work, many employers see this habit as a synonym for strength and organizational capacity in the candidate and scoring points for future interviews.

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