Fighting the Good Fight

You take as many precautions as possible during flu season - and the months in between. You might wash your hands frequently, avoid close spaces and remind yourself to stop touching your mouth and eyes. Still, once in awhile you find yourself feeling achy, fevered, fatigued and congested. It happens to the best of us. The flu finds its way around workplaces, schools, daycares and supermarket shopping carts and can be very persistent when spreading its misery. What you may not realize is that you can help to protect yourself - or recover if you have already fallen victim to the virus - by increasing your intake of nutrients. Here are some suggestions for getting your flu-fighting arsenal together.


Supplements Are Your Friend

It is usually advisable to take high quality supplements as a general rule for overall health. But when you are in the thick of flu season, you may want to consider stepping up your game. Antioxidants are particularly important because they guard your body against free radicals and  germ invaders. Giving your system plenty of minimally processed supplements such as red superfood powder will give it an extra boost of germ and illness-fighting power. Adding these necessities to your regimen of vitamins and minerals will undoubtedly strengthen your shields and allow you to sail through cold and flu season relatively unscathed. Establish a routine and stick with it for the most consistent protection from the sneaky bacteria and microorganisms waiting to find a chink in your immunity’s armor.


Go for a Feeding Frenzy

Like supplements, giving your body a plethora of whole, nutrient-rich foods is vitally important to your health. The two can even work in tandem - the foods are the most basic  and natural, life-sustaining element, and the supplements fill in any gaps that the food may not be able to reach. Filling your plate with leafy green vegetables like spinach, which is full of vitamin C, will satisfy your stomach and your defenses. Add fruits like oranges and healthy fats such as olive and avocado oil, and you  are well on your way to a strong immune system. The best thing about getting so many of your nutrients from food is that - as long as you are making the healthiest choices - you can really chow down and care for yourself at the same time. There are so many delicious, wholesome foods available from nature that require little to no preparation, there really is no excuse for not getting the most out of your meals. Bring on the all you can eat salad bar!


Hydrate Those Germs Away

The human body needs water and other sources of moisture for several reasons - and one of the biggest reasons is the flushing away of germs and toxins. If you are not a fan of chugging water or if you find it too difficult to drink the necessary quantity, there are plenty of alternate options for keeping your organs operating at optimum levels. You can try dressing up your plain water with antioxidant-rich fruits like berries or lemons, or you can drink unsweetened fruit juices. Milk is another great choice, with the added benefit of natural protein that helps to keep your muscles strong and your hunger sated. No matter what beverage you choose, make sure that you get plenty of it. Your liver and kidneys will get to work pulling unnecessary matter from your bloodstream, which prevents toxins from attaching themselves to your cells and causing ill health.


Staying free of unpleasantness like the common cold or the full body flu can be challenging,and it is important to remember that you are protecting not only yourself but also the people that you come into contact with on a regular basis. Your elderly neighbor or your young child could easily become critically ill and develop pneumonia because they do not possess the ability to fight infection the same as you do. So, self care is far from selfish!