Staying healthy in cold weather doesn't have to seem like a hopeless task. Despite the germs floating around and winter as being alternatively known as "cold and flu season", there are several ways you can keep yourself and your family healthy even in the middle of winter. Here are some of the best tips on how to avoid illness and keep everyone feeling their best, no matter what is getting passed around on the cold and flu front.

Make Washing Hands a Priority

One of the biggest reasons why germs float around so easily between work and school is the fact that people don't wash their hands enough. People sneeze more often in the winter, develop a runny nose or sneeze, and wipe it on their hands. This makes it easy for germs to get around when hands go unwashed and people shake one another's hands, children play, or someone sits down to eat. You can help your family by reminding them of the importance of washing their hands during cold and flu season, and what they can do to help prevent the spread of germs. You can also give everyone their own hand sanitizer to carry with them at work or school when they do not have access to a sink and soap. Start keeping antibacterial soap at both the kitchen and bathroom sink, so everyone can wash their hands easily and avoid bringing germs around the rest of the family.

Bundle Up on Cold Days

Cold weather can bring out the sniffles in anyone, regardless of their age. That is why you should encourage your entire family to bundle up, especially if they have plans to be outside. For children, this means hats, gloves, scarves, and even kids snow suits to ensure they stay warm and aren't getting soaked from playing out in the snow. Adults should also bundle up in a similar manner while making a point to check on the kids and make sure no one is overly cold. Some children don't want to come inside even if they are cold, preferring to get as much time outdoors as they can. While this might sound like fun, it is important to prevent frostbite by coming in to warm up and having all damp clothing removed. This can prevent a cold from starting and allow your family to truly enjoy their time outside, rather than worry about getting sick. 

Eating Healthy Even in Winter

Eating healthy in winter can be challenging. Most people associate eating healthy by getting plenty of fruits and vegetables. While that is true, there is no better time than winter to try out a variety of soups and use vegetables in them. One of the best things about making vegetable soup is that you can add any veggies you want and there is truly no right or wrong way to make it. If you have a family member who likes a particular vegetable, no need to search for a specific recipe! Soup pairs nicely with a sandwich and can be tasty at dinner or lunch.


When trying to keep your family healthy during the winter, it helps to keep these tips in mind. Make it a priority to practice washing hands. This can cut down on the number of germs that are brought into the home and prevent people from spreading them around to others. If you or your family plans to go out on cold days, make a point to bundle up and wear the right clothing. It is important to come inside after playing outdoors for long periods of time and to discard any wet clothing right away. Finally, if you're in need of a healthy meal, consider making vegetable soup. There is no right way to make it and you can add whatever fresh vegetables your family enjoys. Following these tips can make it easier to keep your immune system up all winter long.