This is not a professional article loaded with facts instead this a personal account of a dream i had after making a youtube video on my last channel before deleting it. Thanking the alliance for their sacrifice.

I wrote the dream down in my journal at 5:11am but I forgot to write the date.

It was like i was in an illuminati disney world with pineal gland symbology right infront of my face. I had family following me around this museum as i showed them statues and symbols explaining what everything meant. I knew every symbol  (i wish i could remember what symbols they were.)  and i felt like i was in disney land. I was very joyful and excited to be there. Whereever i was, was somewhere very special to me.

I remember after that i heard a train coming down a dark tunnel inside the museam. My cousin with a hero type personality was not scared. I honesly cant remember how i felt, i may have been scared.

 My Cousin then being very excited ran into a bright room with lots of people. The room was very bright with lots of cheery people talking quite loudly. it reminded of a Casino, even though i never actually been in one in real life. BUt when my Cousin entered everyone booed him. And when i entered everyone clapped and cheered. 

Before i go on with the dream, i want everyone who reads this to know i dont believe i am anyone special. Even though experiences can make you feel that way. I truly believe this dream was a contact, letting me know the alliance got my message of thanks. I never had dreams quite as real as this one, and the timing of the dream that happened the night after i made the video thanking for the alliance for their sacrifice for the greater good of humanity, was just way to much a snychronicity to be nothing. Back to the dream..

The people in the room brought me on a stage and had me stand on some sort of device that measured somthing in me. Not weight it was a depth of something they were measuring. Numbers showing on a screen behind me began to go up into muilple digits. And each time the numbers went up people would clap and cheer even louder. I remember specifially a lady giving me a thumbs up which i never forgotten, she had a smile on her face and i just remember her very well. My mom was looking at me with a look of accomplishment. I remember feeling uncomfortable like i was being put on display or somthing, and thats when the dream ended.