You have spoken and we listened!  

We get it... the new ads bug you a little bit and we understand.  Please remember, Onstellar isn't selling your data so we haven't generated revenue.  As we mentioned a few months back, we are implementing a longer term plan to remake the service while at the same time continuing to respect your privacy.  So we have completely updated the backend infrastructure and now we will begin to change a few things on the front side.   First things first, we need to bring in a little dough, therefore the ads cometh.  But this new Onstellar Verified membership will make the ads invisible to you if you subscribe.  And at less that $2 bucks per month its not expensive.  Certainly better than having your every move tracked and sold to anyone who wants to buy it.  

Secondly, we have had countless good people request to be verified, but without a security mechanism in place that grabs your govy-issued ID, we haven't had a reliable and scalable way to do that.  Plus, we didn't want your information because its one less thing to end up in the wrong hands.  The solution is simple - if you'll give your credit card to purchase the membership, then that's good enough verification for us.  We can use the name associated to flag any imposters so you can't pose as someone you're not if you give us your charge card.  

Anyway, this is how you purchase it: