In a nutshell, and serving as an analogical "emotional word-pictorialization approach" — (meticulously intended for emphasis), Jesus Christ once alluded to the unexplored idea that "within his house there exists many mansions" (e.g. "the house" figuratively symbolizing the earthly/physical body as a vessel and/or temple, and the "many mansions" figuratively symbolizing the infinite number of 'answers', 'realities', and 'boundless possibilities' that are layered within & beyond – those of which are all simultaneously connected to each other like a perpetuating / ongoing supernatural chain of 'scenario-settings' and 'experiences')... I personally decipher this analogy as being tailored for emphasizing upon the listener that the seemingly unrealized 'answers', 'explanations', and 'knowledge' pertaining to all that there is (of this Earth, and of the infinite dimensional expanses, 'seen' & 'unseen') are continually / surreptitiously projecting themselves outwardly from within us all in the form of a never-ending pathway leading upon humanly-unfathomable / preternatural possibilities — but many earthbound souls have temporarily forgotten this factor while becoming understandably confused and distracted by a labyrinthine minefield of their complex earthly surroundings. Perhaps that is one of primary reasons why so many people today are choosing to search 'outside of themselves', instead of 'within themselves' (where all of the connective wiring and sparks of the all-knowing already exist, and always have existed, and always will exist)?... Subsequently, instead of practicing meditation and turning within – many lost, confused, or frustrated souls are [instead] seeking superficial shortcuts via the advice of 'outside counseling' / 'psychiatry' / so-called 'motivation speakers' / and sometimes even falling into the deception of a 'cult following mentality' (in the vein of the Hare Krishna movement, the Moonies, Jonestown, and Rajneeshpuram)... There are also those who seek out their emotional transformations and enhancements by leaning upon the use of so-called 'mind-expansion drugs' and 'mood-modifying medications', and I will now step out on a limb by pointing out that these external / superficial sources & implements merely serve a small number of shortcut-seekers as temporary bandages or placebos, and that the targeted 'core problems' or 'hopeless ponderings' are never truly resolved by any one of these measures mentioned... When I alluded to Jesus Christ in my analogy (above), that was not meant to indicate to anybody that I am a wannabe know-it-all type of person who practices any specific religion or belief-system; nor one who is always tossing scriptures around from the pages of The Holy Bible leveled for emphasizing my points or opinions, because that is not even near to the case pertaining to myself and my lonely / ongoing searches for truth, meaning, and knowledge... However, I do recognize wisdomous proclamations and revelations whenever I hear and learn of them, and the analogical 'word-picture approach' that I referred to [up there] at the beginning of this post just so happens to be one of them – one amongst many, many others that 'are' / 'were' passed along by the wisdomous truth-seekers, critical-thinkers, and theorists who represent a vast variety of belief-systems, studies, and sciences found [here] within this complexity-riddled reality-setting of 'Life Upon Earth'.