"Okay, for those I would give some advice.
Form comprehensively. Educate yourself, work on your personality to be reliable, so the light forces can count on you. Never let yourself be provoked.
For example, they would not start attacking each other if there is some negative impact.
And one of the main lessons for the surface population, for those who would like to participate, is being able to cooperate with each other without attacking each other without fighting each other. And that's the main task! And people who pass this test can expect to be involved in something more serious in the future - maybe even before the event."



In the second part of this interesting documentary dedicated to the ancient Indian culture, we have to say that the English exploited India through the East India Company in order to provide British industry with raw materials and cheap manual labour for more than two centuries. Despite the fact that many rajas rebelled, Anglo-Saxon domination destroyed palaces and cities throughout the country and India’s economy was dismantled and destroyed, which generated mass poverty and provoked serious famine and epidemics, particularly in Bengal, where 3 to 5 million people died.


This is not all, however. It established an Army, in which 4 million Indians fought on England’s side in World Wars I and II, helping the United Kingdom secure victory. Worse still, the British Empire astutely hid this information from the general public worldwide and did not disclose the genocide committed, fostering racism and segregation towards the natives of India, as if it were an uncultured nation.


Nonetheless, its profound origins are rooted in knowledge, language and architecture. Its magnificent ancestral temples continue to preserve the mystery of their construction: giantism with its inexplicable footprints, lathed columns with extremely exact perforations made using highly advanced technology, laser-like instruments and the mystery of their vimanas or flying ships.
All of these features form part of India’s cultural wealth and its huge, colourful festivals like the Divali, Ganesh Chaturthi, the Holi festival, Durga Puja and Teej, among others, are mainly dedicated to divinities who always protected the populace.


What can be said about the mystery surrounding the Naga Hindus who are known to have travelled as far as the lands of Mexico, pre-Columbus, to leave the legacy of their profound teachings? Who were these beings and how did they reach the land of the Mayans, which still hosts countless remains attesting to their presence?


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