How quickly can America join the Outer Space Alien Society?  Sooner than you think!

     What does America have to do?

     American science/technology is close to Alien right now.  But much of the improvement we need must come from improved materials.  Yes, materials, not just increased computer speed and fancy gadgets.

     Graphene and carbon nanotubes must be mass produced.  This will result in 'vastly superior' military jets, rockets, and defensive armor.  Imagine armor plate that could stop the most powerful lasers that Aliens might use.  Imagine jets with their fusulage made of graphene and carbon nanotubes.  They would be extremely light and almost indestructible.

     These wonder materials could also be used for the construction of ships, submarines, cities, and even cities built under our oceans and land.  They would provide comfortable and safe construction for human colonies on our Moon, Planets, Asteroids, and even in other solar systems and galaxies!

     We also must learn to improve energy production.  Fusion power provides much more energy and less danger than fission power.  Fusion power has been accomplished but kept hush hush for some unknown reason.  Lockheed has a patent on it.  We need to go beyond oil (dead dinosaurs) and methane (fart gas).  We need to fully develop hydrogen/oxygen energy systems.  The problems with hydrogen/oxygen are not insurmountable.  The Space Shuttle used hydrogen/oxygen for its main engines.  It worked, producing over 350+ thousand pounds of thrust in each of its 3 engines.

     Hydrogen/oxygen has to be capable of being fully contained in a fuel tank without venting.  And, jet engines must be capable of withstanding its 6500 degree burn temperature.


     And, yes, the UNITED STATES SPACE FORCE will provide protection of American Colonies in Outer Space!






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