Hello world. The following is from 2016.

Contemplation of ACIM Lesson 7 "I see only the past."

Those little pieces of paper you are holding up so high is a False Idol folks. You are not worshiping God if you are worshiping a book or a piece of paper... That seems to be all most groups/churches want you to do, is worship one false idol after another. None seem willing to go within to Holy Spirit and follow His guidance. If they had, you would be hearing of more people being healed by now after doing this Course for so many years....

Holy Spirit and my Guides are showing me how all of this correlates to Today's ACIM Lesson 7 "I see only the past". They are saying that folks have continued believing that someone else has a right to tell them what it is they know, think, and believe. That they believe they have to pay for and memorize a bunch of stuff or they are not worthy of God's Love. That someone else has to teach them and tell them what it is they know. That they now have a piece of paper to say they know this and that.

YOU are picking and choosing who can speak and who cannot. Who has knowledge and who does not. Who qualifies as a "Teacher of God" based on the number of certificates they have. YOU are choosing this based off of how you have been taught to believe. That a little piece of paper is needed to give you permission to do or be anything. This is why most groups do not allow open posting and dialogues. They want control of the masses and only allow whatever resonates with them and only them. It is why they attack any and all who do not see and agree with whatever they believe in.

All those causing their brothers to suffer longer due to the Egoistic Greed that has taken over their minds will be held accountable for their deeds. Jesus did not have anything to say that He was a Teacher, Minister, Doctor/Healer, Rabbi, leader or anything else. He had never been trained by anyone in any of that stuff. If I am following in Jesus's footsteps I do not need any "False Idols" to tell me what it is I know and believe in as Truth. As I testify to His Light and Truth in my life all may witness this for themselves. I speak from my experiences and share the lessons I learn freely. My testimony is the sharing He would have me do. My sharing Testifies to how He has healed me of my diseases as I learn His lessons of Truth. None of these groups can share how He has healed their members of their diseases. Why is that?

Today has been a day of contemplation in regards ACIM Lesson 7 "I see only the past." Holy Spirit and my Guides have been showing me how we as a society have continued to believe in False Idols. We continue to believe we have to get someone else's approval for anything and everything we do. If we do anything we have to have a small little scrap of paper...a permission slip to do anything in our lives. We look at those little pieces of paper as a form of protection against everything we fear. All these licenses, certificates, titles, and degrees are no more than a false idol we were taught to chase after and believe in as something needed or we are invalid and UNWORTHY. They are our protection against the world. SEE! I have this degree that says I know what I know. I can memorize what someone else is dictating to me. So many mind blowing understandings coming as I read folks posts.

Through the rabbit hole even deeper we go. Holy Spirit and my Guides are saying that we use these things as a defense against the world we perceive. That we use these things to define who we think and believe we are. We have learned to place value on the valueless in this way. Giving it more importance and legitimacy than the absolute truth. Even when that truth is being shown to us again and again. We are taught to discredit it if it does not come with some credential or consensus that what is there is of value regardless if it is true. Because going against the masses is to believe in pain and suffering by ostracism from everyone and everything we have cared about. So we do it all to ourselves to keep from being rejected and ostracized. In conforming to the masses we create our own Hell of pain and suffering.

I posted a video documentary yesterday talking about history and how we got to where we are today. How our dollar was stolen along with our schools and the medical field. How everything we believe in as a society is no more than lies.

A brother states, " Watched the whole thing.A lot I did not know but did know from a other sources.Like watching a good TV documentary.Not helpful to my Atonement.I was expecting more.Just my review.You Brothers are great."

My response, "Very interesting... Even when the Truth stares one in the face they refuse to let go what it is they are choosing to believe in. My understanding of the purpose of that video is to open ones eyes. To help them understand that everything they have been taught to think and believe in as being the absolute truth is no more than lie on top of lie. All created to manipulate the individual into handing away their free will to someone else unknowingly.

The very first week of lessons within ACIM are focused on looking within at everything you believe in to be true and how to let all of it go. They focus on teaching one to not pick and choose what it is they are going to look at in any given moment.

Yet based on what you share and have even stated now, you judge and pick and choose what everything is for and refuse to stop doing so. I am guessing you prefer to blindly follow someone else's dictates than thinking for yourself then, because that is what you are choosing to do. You are creating your own pain and misery and seem to like it based on your commentary. If that is the case then more power to you. Blessings on your journey brother."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.