Where america really is.  Is it Mach 2+ jet fighters?  Not really!

     America has had Warp Drive (jump drive) and Teleportation since 1972.  Wormholes preceeded Warp Drive.  So where are we after 48 years?

     America can go instantly to distant star systems --and even Galaxies--since 1972.  Have we done so?  I suspect so.  So where are we now?

     We are learning about the Aliens that visit us.  Remote viewing and teleportation are several techniques used.  There are Alien ships, Colonies, and Planets throughout the Galaxy.  Each Alien Society has a slightly different perspective than we do.  To blend science and mind into travel and reconnaissance is our goal.  We are learning a lot from Civilizations more advanced than our own!




     The following video shows some of that research.  We learned of Element 115 long ago at Roswell.  Today we are cracking its mystery.






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