What is Creation?  What is Nothing?  What is God?

     Everything we feel or observe, in any way, is connected (in some manner) to us.  Else how could we observe or come to know of it?  Our Universe is theoretically observable.  So our Universe is connected to us.

     All of this, past, present, and future, as well an infinite distance is connected.  This explains previous lives in hypnosis.  This explains Remote Viewing.  This explains love.  And, this explains God!

     So, if everything is connected how can we have . . . Nothing?  We certainly have transformation.  And, yes, lead can be turned into gold!  But it requires energizing the lead with nuclear energy.

     Even empty space is filled with energy.  It's not really empty.  Is the Universe weird?  Yes.



     If the above video has you confused, watch this:


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A brief discussion of Metaphysics. The discussion centers on the unchanging Unity of Existence. The Lecturer is Jon LaVine. (17 U.S.C. § 107 : US Code - Section 107: Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use.)


     So, now that we have proved God's Existence you can relax in his love.  God loves YOU!

     And, yes, those weird looking Aliens are our Brothers.  They are worthy of love too!