Hello world. The following is from 2017.

A brother shared, "I really died. Haven't i."

My response, "You may have died and decided to continue on here. I know I have multiple times in this life. My first time starting at 9-10 months old. The second at two, three, four, five, nine, and so on. The last full on one I remember was when I was around 25 or 26. I had an asthma attack and keeled over on the floor. My son was 4 and we had just gone over calling 911 and how to open the bolts and chains on the door.

As my body laid there on the floor I watched and directed my son on what to do from outside of my body. He could see my ghostly body. He called 911 and got the door open for the medics and officers. As they worked on me he sat there staring at me across my body. I nodded and smiled at him as I stepped onto my body and began to lay down in it. I mouthed I love you just as I slipped back in. A few moments later they revived me. I was gone for almost 5 minutes.

I chose to come back and continue my journey here each time I have died. Each time I have learned something new about myself, this world, and everyone in it. So if you did leave and decide to come back brother, I thank you for your dedication in being of service to yourself and humanity. Blessings on your journey brother. Hugs and love."

Throughout life we come and go at will and do not even realize that we do so. In our youthful vigor we dash and dance from one thing to another. We take falls and break bones. In many of those instances we have asked ourselves how in the hell we made it through that alive. Sometimes even without a scratch.

It is in those moments that I did check out and was given a choice to move on to the next life and body or to continue on in this one and see what the lessons were I was to learn from them. Each time I have chosen to stay here I have gained a new understanding of who I truly am within this shell of mine.

I also understand that each of those out of body near death experiences were also my preset up check out points for this life journey I am on. That there was understanding put into the amount of trauma I was willingly coming here to experience just so I may learn who I am within. That each of those points were put into place if it all became to much for me to bare anymore.

The kicking of my infant body into a fireplace was a first exit point at 9-10 months. Going into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting at two. Drowning at three and the list continues on of each incident within my minds eye. Each one giving me a choice to stay or go. Each time I chose to stay knowing I was being raped and molested and beaten on. That I was being mentally and emotionally abused and unwanted by the very family I chose to be with.

Still, I kept choosing to stay and continue this journey. That I would find the inner strength to overcome the trials and tribulations I experienced and learn the lessons I came here to learn. I believe I am and have been learning these lessons too. That every single thing that happens is for my benefit. That each experience was needed for me to understand completely who I am, what I am, and what it is I am really able to do and have been doing here. That in everything I do have a choice in what it is I am choosing and believing in to be true. That I am the only one who may define who I am and am going to become or be.

In every instant and every experience you have choice in what it is you want to do, think, believe and experience. It is your choices to judge or not, that define who you are to the world around you and everyone in it. What you judge tells the world what it is you really believe in and what you believe defines who you are. Consider all those thoughts running a muck within your mind. How many of those are judgments and beliefs held that were taught to you? Consider every experience you have had since birth. Have you taken the time to review them yet? To question what you experienced and why you experienced it? Just some items to think on and consider here my brothers.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.