Hello world. The following was written 01/14/2020.

The diversity of those seeking disclosure of some sort is amazingly large. All are seeking the same thing regarding a different subject from the same source. That source being their governments. Everyone is seeking their answers from someone else or something outside of them.

What these groups seem to be seeking would be disclosure in medicine with regards vaccines, disclosure in politics regarding lobbyists and money laundering through family working in other countries, disclosure with the alphabet agencies and their spying, disclosure in technology that has been hidden and kept secret, disclosure of alien or ET visitation, disclosure of ET abductions and experiments and disclosure of the myriad conspiracies to commit treason and crimes against Humanity just to name a few.

My brothers, have you considered yet that what is needed, is for you the Individual and all of Humanity to accept full responsibility for yourselves and all you are choosing to believe, so perceive and be, if you would have a relationship with our ET brothers and each other as EQUALS?

Each individual being WILL take responsibility for themselves and all they choose to think, say, do so be here or they will cross over into another life to repeat what they did not learn here. All are here to learn responsibility for Self so become Sovereign Beings.

Understand, you cannot save anyone other than yourself here. You cannot make choices for anyone but you. Each being is responsible for themselves and the choices they make. All that matters is what you are choosing for you. Allow others to choose as they will. Accept and Allow.

You cannot drag anyone kicking and screaming into the Light of Understanding. All you may do is lay the Truth before them and allow them to decide if it resonates for them. They must willingly walk into the Light of their own Free Will through CHOICE.

All you may do is lay the Truth before them and walk away. Allow them to decide if what you share resonates within them or not. If they accept or not is their choice and they are not required to believe as you choose.

Consider this, when what is shared triggers you it is because what you are believing in is in direct opposition to what is shared. That cognitive dissonance is an opening to looking within at what is believed and questioning it, so that pain ends that eats at you.

It is a Truth that many refuse to accept. No one is required to believe as they are choosing. Even they are not required to believe as they are choosing. What most do not understand is they were indoctrinated to think, so believe as they do.

Not choosing is no more than escapism or denial of what is in the moment. It is no more than a game one is choosing to play with themselves pretending to be a victim of whatever is occurring. When in Truth that decision is their acceptance of the status quo or unwillingness.

That unwillingness speaks to their fear of change, of looking within at the choices they are making and taking responsibility for where they are at on their journey. Accepting that it is their choices that got them where they are and no one made those choices for them.

We are given Free Will to choose and decide what resonates for ourselves as Truth. We make these choices, no one else. We are responsible for what we perceive our reality as being within our own mind and project what we believe before us to experience.

Perspective of understanding ones reality is that you only see that which you are choosing to believe. You only experience that which you believe is possible for you to experience in your mind as part of your reality. If you think it, you can experience it.

What you are judging your reality as being, IS what you experience from it. Your judgmental purview becomes the expectation of which you energize, that belief in that, to be your experience. You manifest what you are focusing your attentions on. The more you ruminate over it, the more likely it becomes the reality you experience. All of it is based on your choices to think and believe.

I have been sharing the articles I have written and been writing regarding the healing of ones self on their journey freely. I share all these perspectives of understanding and more within the articles I write. Seek and you shall find. Ask yourself what it is you seek.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.