Hello world. The following was written 01/14/2020.
My brother shared how empathy classes are to be taught in schools according to what the government is dictating empathy be. What followed was a dialogue with my brothers that shifted to how one is choosing to blindly, accept so believe what is read in a book or stated by an authority figure, such as the one behind the pulpit, as being the absolute truth to be obeyed or be punished for not doing so. Understanding was given in those moments. Understanding with which I was to respond to their statements and queries.
A brother states, "Life teaches empathy and parents. Little kids left on there own are actually little monsters if someone doesn’t instruct. Lol"
My response, "When children act out they are hurting inside so would seek attention to gain help in healing what is being experienced. Recognize the pain being exhibited in those moments as a call for love, understanding and healing from you the adult before them. Judge them not in those moments. Your judgments are felt even if they are not spoken aloud. It is those judgments they are constantly receiving silently or not so silently in looks and even actions that has them screaming inside to be heard. To no longer be judged. To be accepted as they are and not asked to be someone else instead."
A brother states, "Empathy is empathy. Just because it's being taught in school, doesn't make it fake. That's like saying that students exercising in gym is "fake" exercise and only when they exercise on their own naturally outside of school is it "real". Exercise is exercise either way.
Whether or not empathy exists between a mother and child, has nothing to do with whether or not there should be classes to help people cultivate more empathy.
Empathy is empathy. Even a person cares about others or they don't and they have no problem hurting them. The empathy or lack of empathy can be seen in actions. Caring about what others think is important. It's called being considerate of other living beings around you."
My response, "What you deem so perceive empathy as being is very different from what I know, understand and experience empathy as being. I AM a psychic empath so experience the pain and suffering of those around me and that I connect to through other mediums of communication. I experience what my brothers are experiencing mentally, emotionally and physically within my own body.
It is in this experiencing that I AM able to connect fully with where my brother is at on their journey so help them heal themselves as I have been healed on my own. What you have been taught empathy as being would be no more than a judgmental perspective taught you to separate you from those around you.
What I experience in what is shared is an understanding that we are equals so the same in every way. What they experience I have experienced at different levels of severity. What you refer to are your beliefs in judgments that divide and create hierarchies of lesser than or better than. What you accept and believe in are illusions that were taught to you. They were lies brother. You were lied to!"
Brother One responds, "I believe that Christ is The Most High God above other gods.
I believe that Christ is The Light of Life who appeared in human form as Jesus The Son to bring Light to humanity (John 1). He tells me that He is The Light of The World and if I follow Him, then I will receive The Light of Life (John 8:12). He tells me that His Commandment is that I love others and I am His disciples if I love others (John 13:34-35).
I trust in The God of Love and do my best to abide in His Love and want to be connected to HIS Spiritual Kingdom where there is not suffering, only Joy because in His Kingdom everyone loves one another."
My response, "Brother love cannot be forced nor taught. You are that which you seek outside of you for. You are love incarnate and encapsulated within that meat coated skeletal wagon you call your body. What you have been taught to judge yourself and everyone as being are lies taught to you. Each one a label that twists what you perceive before you with a definition attached to it. Let go your judgments of all you believe to be real and true and you will find love fills that space instantly with acceptance of what is as it is. For with that love comes inner peace.
When you can love yourself, someone else can love you. For what you believe of yourself IS what will be reflected back at you. If you cannot love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY how can anyone else love you unconditionally? Your brothers take their ques from you in how to treat you. Consider this deeply."
Brother One responds, "I disagree. Life is not about self-love but Love For The Neighbour as Christ commanded. Those who choose not to obey Christ will be humbled. God will not allow a person to bully and be cruel to others forever. The wicked has a chance to repent and follow Christ with Love For The Neighbour as He commanded because He loves everyone and doesn't want people to harm each other and there are consequences for disobedience and choosing to selfishly harm others for selfish pleasure and not care.
Karma eventually comes, even if it isn't instant. As Christ taught, a person shall reap the fruits of the seeds they sow, and grapes do not come from thorns. People have a choice to obey Christ's Guidance away from suffering or to ignore and suffer until they repent and follow His Guidance. There is a hell of cruel demons for those who choose to live like a cruel demon, and there is the reward of Heavenly Peace for those who choose to obey The Law of Christ which is Love For Others (Matthew 7:12, John 13:34-35)."
My response, "Perspective is key to understanding what it is one has chosen for themselves. I was raised Roman Catholic with all of its myriad fallacies of belief. My family blindly believed what the church dictated to them without questioning what it was they were being told to do. I did not start speaking until age two and when I did I regretted it. At age two I told my grandmother there was a dead man in the upstairs bathtub with his head almost cut off.
That began years of exorcisms, caning, mental, emotional, beatings and sexual abuses by my family, their friends, neighbors and the church. I was demonized and beaten into submission every day of my childhood. I was forced to conform and comply or be beaten until I did.
What I went through were forms of psychological indoctrination using physical and mental abuse as the catalyst to gain compliance out of fear of dying. That brother is what YOU are now choosing for yourself. Consider this aspect of your beliefs closely...
In other words I AM a natural Psychic and my family believed the church when it stated I was DEMON POSSESSED so must be exorcised and beaten into submission. Those who were raping and molested me saw what was happening and would use my mind and emotions to manipulate me to conform, comply and remain silent out of fear of retributions for them touching me.
Any time I was touched I was beaten for it and blamed for allowing grown men to touch me. It did not matter that I was only two years old, three years old, and so forth. In their minds I was the evil one so responsible according to the church.. Talk about being mentally mind fucked to believe you are responsible for being raped as a child.... This is the type of stuff RELIGION TEACHES its SHEEP.
Prime example here would be to research all of the religious priests, pastors, ministers, deacons, Imams and so forth that have been being prosecuted for raping and molesting children. EVERY singe religion has done this throughout history. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Why do you think child sex trafficking is the number one money maker in the world. It is more lucrative than drugs, guns and war. Do some research and see if what I have stated isn't true..."
Brother Two responds, "Actually Sabrina... it turns out that the Catholic Church was in fact invaded and infected with communists (atheists) who posed as priests. Their covert mission was to defile the church and also control the people. Including raping children. I am not saying religion or Catholics are without their sin. But history has also been changed by communists. They invaded every sector in an effort to control peoples minds. I believe they have also invaded NDE groups for this same reason. To try to get people to believe that Marxism is Gods word. But again, they also did it, at the same time, to bring down the the church and to destroy people’s faith in God."
My response, "You are correct that all religion has been infiltrated so twisted from what it originally was for. I know there is a Creator and I have met my Creator many times on my journey. I have died and been resuscitated over 100 times in this lifetime. As I have shared before I walked away from religion at age 14 and began studying and walking the path of the Shaman as per Spirits guidance to me at that time in my life. I studied the belief systems of the Native American and the Indigenous Peoples of the World. I also started studying the religions of the world as per my Guides directions.
What I found was that all religions are the same with slight variations. What the Indigenous or Natives believe were similar with slight variations yet they were completely opposite what religions were teaching. They taught one to be responsible for themselves and the choices they made so be Self Reliant, Sovereign. Religion teaches the opposite. Religion teaches the masses to willingly enslave themselves and to enslave anyone whose path may cross their own willingly or by force if needed."
Brother One responds, "That is absolutely NOT ok and those who did that should be in jail to protect other children. The Spirit of Christ teaches Love For The Neighbour (Matthew 7:12, John 13:34-35). It is satanic for The Church to harm children. That has nothing to do with Christ.
There are false Christians out there who think that violence and selfish greed is ok and they don't believe in The Real Christ. They follow the spirit of the anti-christ and deceive others. It's sad that fake Christians under the spirit of anti-christ are teaching people that Christ is ok with harming others and with selfish greed and they giving a false idea of Christ to people.
I used to be deceived by New Age Spirituality. I used to listen to Abraham Hicks and Bashar and I realized that it was always about me, me, me, attracting more money and more pleasure and don't focus on "sad" things and other people who need help because that is "low energy". I was being programmed into self-love, greed, and into thinking that Jesus was just a man or teacher.
One day I realized that path was actually satanic. Satanists believe that we are our own gods, manipulating energy with intention for self-interest, and "do what thou wilt". I turned to CHRIST! I learned about turning the other cheek, walking away from violence, and giving even when selfish greed tries to stop me. I'm not perfect, but I have discernment now. Christ is God, and He can appear in human form as Jesus despite what Muslims believe, and The Commandment of Christ is Love For Others not greed nor violence. I see many Christians falling away from Christ thinking that greed and violence is ok or that focusing more on self-love rather than Love For Others is ok."
My response, "hat you were perceiving there was based from how you were trained. You were superimposing the way you were taught to learn so believe over what was being shared with you which twisted its perspective purview of understanding. Self love does not mean selfishness and greed are the goals. In 2013 my Husband and I did the A Course In Miracles workbook lessons for an entire year. At the end of that year I held a different understanding than my Husband did. Spirit had already started me on my own journey of understanding before I ever did that course. What that course was for me was a finishing school in understanding how my mind works and how it was my own mind and emotions used to control and manipulate me unconsciously to conform and comply willingly with my own pain and suffering and to constantly ask for more of the same unknowingly.
The first few lessons in ACIM pertain to Spirit pointing out that everything you think you know and believe in as being real and true was taught to you by someone else as what they believed. At no time did you stop to ask is this True. Every label you believe defines you with its definitions were handed to you to manipulate how you perceive yourself and all around you. That in each instant you are the one who has made this choice to believe. This makes you responsible for what you think you perceive and are experiencing. For how you judge is what you shall experience so perceive your reality to be.
A lot of the new age materials speak to one looking within their own hearts and minds to see what they have been choosing for themselves. To see how they are thinking and believing. What is missed by the masses is that they are to QUESTION EVERYTHING. It is their choices to blindly accept, follow and believe that entraps them in the quagmire of the nightmares they find themselves within. They are all choices the individual is making for themselves to believe what they read in a book or is said to them is the absolute Truth.
An analogy my Guides have used for me to understand fully who I AM within was to look at God as a Diamond that has shattered into a million pieces. Each shard of the diamond is still a diamond in its own right with all the properties and capabilities of the diamond that was whole. Each individual being is a shard of that diamond. That makes each individual being a God in and of themselves capable of creating just as God creates with all the abilities God was endowed with.
My Guides then showed me how I manifest that which I am focusing on mentally and emotionally to be experienced by myself on my journey. As a child I chose to accept the judgments handed me as defining me. I chose to believe that I was only here to be used and abused. That I was unworthy of love, kindness, gentleness, affection, human contact and so much more. In believing these things were true I found myself experiencing more and more of the same and far far worse. My breaking point was being told by 4 psychiatrists that I wanted it, asked for it, deserved it and that I should have kept silent that had me standing in my Light of Truth.
At 14 I had just had my landlord try and rape me. I was pressing charges against him and was court ordered to speak to 5 separate psychologists. Only one told me I did nothing wrong and that I was right to refuse to accept what the others were telling me. Spirit has shown me I am still PURE and INNOCENT. That it was their judgments and beliefs that twisted how they perceived me to be. I was not what they judged me to be. I would be as I chose to be and as Spirit was guiding me to be.
I AM a Spiritual Teacher. I share how every experience is of benefit to one on their journey with lessons within them they are to learn of themselves and the choices they make to be so believe.
Part of my journey was to understand how every single being who held an assumed authority position in my own mind was abusing me. How my blind trust in the belief in an authority was enslaving me and causing all of my pain and suffering. That I was choosing this for myself unconsciously was a very bitter pill to swallow yet swallow it I did. In accepting responsibility for myself and those choices I had made to believe I was able to let them go and choose differently healing myself on all levels of my being every experience had. I healed multiple cancers and other diseases when I took responsibility for my choices to believe. I did this without medications nor surgeries. Spirit showed how my beliefs and judgments were creating all illness and disease within me. How I was killing myself with my own thoughts and judgments. That my thoughts can kill me or heal me. All came down to the choices I was making to believe.
By the way, what Bashar and Hicks were pointing in regards Self Love is that Self First is not Selfish. The understanding they were imparting is that if the foundation you have built for yourself is not solid, you will not be able to lift yourself or anyone else to a higher level without all of you crashing down. It is through one focusing on their Self and that which they are choosing for themselves that they are able to SECURE their foundation so help themselves first which enables them to then help those around them more effectively without those aspects of crashing down and within on oneself for giving more than they have to give.
Spirit would use the analogy of the airplane and the oxygen masks. You must place the mask on yourself first before you place the mask on your child. If you are not able to breath and think cognitively you cannot help your child. In this respect Self First is not Selfish for it is necessary and needed for both your survival and the child's. Your brothers are no different than that child in this respect. If you cannot help yourself you will not be able to help them. Your foundation must be solid if you would raise them up as you would raise thyself. Do you understand what is shared here?
There are no victims here for each individual is responsible for how they would choose to perceive so judge their reality as being for them. In each instant they are given the ability to choose what it is that resonates within their hearts as Truth. To drop two feet from their heads to their hearts and recognize when it is fear guiding them in the choices they would make for themselves. How it is their fears that cloud their understanding so have them choosing to perpetuate the same again and again. Everything we go through is for our benefit. Nothing can be bad, wrong or evil if all is for our benefit. Each experience teaches us of ourselves and how we would choose to be so believe. If we would see the world change we must willingly change ourselves first. It is in changing how we LOOK at all around us and ourselves that has the world we perceive changing with us."
Brother One responds, "The Greatest Love is sacrificing one's life for others (John 15:13). The Greatest Love is not selfish at all, but fully focused on giving to others. "Self-love" is becoming more popular and more people are becoming more rude and less caring of what other's think (less considerate)."
My response, "There is no need to sacrifice in any way. When one is able to do for themselves they are given the ability to do for others without any losses in what they are given. Once again it is a perspective with which one is choosing to purview from. I will share with you a poem I wrote in 2014 that speaks to how I perceive and that which Spirit taught me of what I had been taught to do when giving to others.
Hello world. The following is from 2014.
I am blind and yet I see.
I am deaf and yet I hear.
How do I do these conventional things?
The energy of your emotion is what touches me.
The things you do and words you say.
I do not perceive in a conventional way.
They don’t convey your meaning to me.
That is not the way I perceive.
I sense your emotional energy.
What you attach to your words is what I perceive.
You can say the right words every day.
Yet I feel the blocks in your way.
The angst and fear, guilt and desperation.
To really get it all without misconceptions.
Stop holding on to all the forms.
Materials, judgement, righteousness and body.
These are not what God calls Holy.
Giving freely of the body only keeps you in the body.
That is not love, you misperceive.
Neither is giving what you think they need.
Opinions, advice, material goods.
That isn’t love you’ve misunderstood.
Those ego thoughts produce judgments of greed.
The ego wants what they have.
Ego says “Why can’t it be me?”
Fear and resentments are just the same.
Based in the realms of Ego blame.
Projecting on others your guilt and shame.
These are just more of Ego games.
Your spirits call of love is what I perceive.
What I perceive is the emotional need.
Arms wrapped gently around you.
Rocking you gently as you weep.
My cheek resting upon your head.
Accepting you.
Loving you.
Unconditionally as you are.
This is what I hear and see.
The Holy Spirits visions of you I perceive.
I cannot react to what is not there.
I see your soul completely bared.
I love you unconditionally.
The love you are is what I perceive.
I sense your innocence crying out.
Giving way to ego doubts.
You are innocent and pure.
Come, be free.
Sense the love within you.
It is all you need.
Sabrina Reyenga
By the way, I listened to a video last night of a channeling of the "bog people", meaning those who have been found that were buried in bogs around the world whose bodies were preserved showing signs of torture and murder which caused their deaths.
The being who stepped forward was a "monk" whose religious sect taught them to believe that to sacrifice themselves was to bring safety and prosperity to those around them. They were literally allowing themselves to be sacrificed in a belief it would help others and also that they would be elevated by God and be able to reclaim their bodies again. He found out it was all a lie. His story was not singular for many others fell prey to this same way of thinking so believing giving up the life given them through a belief in what was not real or true. Keep in mind as a channel myself I understand and have experienced similar things so do not doubt what has been shared there.
I see what others do not see, hear what they cannot hear and experience in a way that most believe impossible. Yet I AM and can do all of these things and much much more. I AM not evil, bad, wrong nor misguided as the world would perceive so judge me to be. In walking my own path I no longer blindly follow what society has dictated Humanity be so perceive. I choose for myself and do not accept what my brother would dictate to me. I AM a Sovereign Being who uses their Free Will to be Self Governing so Self Reliant as the Creator created me to be.
By the way, your Bible states within its pages to do as Jesus would do, yet it glosses over exactly what it was that Jesus had chosen to do. He did not turn to those outside of him in the religious community for his direction. In asking one to follow in Jesus's footsteps they are being asked to turn within to Holy Spirit and seek all direction and guidance therein from Spirit and not those and that which is outside of you. To take your questions to Spirit and ask for the Truth above all else.
What religion has one doing is negating that turning within and questioning of Spirit and instead have one looking to the one behind the pulpit and their translation of what they believe a book may be saying is the truth. Religion has twisted what is to what it is not and it will take one to step back from all of it and to begin questioning to SEE what they do and stop."
Brother One responds, "Jesus is God in human form (John 1) and His Words are Spirit and Life (John 6:63).
Jesus says that He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life and no body goes to The Father but by Him because knowing Him and seeing Him is knowing and seeing The Father (John 14:6-9). Jesus said, "Have I been with you so long yet you do not know me? He who sees me has seen The Father so how can you say, show us The Father?".
God is Love (1 John 4:7-8) and Jesus is Love in human form, The Light and Glory of God."
My response,"As I already shared your own Bible asks you to do as Jesus chose to do which was TURN WITHIN to HOLY SPIRIT and ask HOLY SPIRIT for the answers you seek which IS what Jesus did and chose to do. By quoting your Bible you show you are not doing as Jesus asked of you. What you are choosing to do is blindly follow and believe without question what you read in a book. That IS NOT what Jesus did brother."
Brother One responds, "Jesus asks us to follow Him and receive The Light of Life (John 8:12). First we need to know Jesus, to recognize The Holy Spirit and have discernment."
My response, "How can you know a dead man other than the words shared of him from another's perspective of purview of who he may have been? Just because it is written in a book does not make it real or true brother. Just because those who came before you chose to believe in a book does not make what they believed real or true either. You regurgitate what you read in a book with no thought of your own in questioning what is meant by the words of Holy Spirit.
You do not seek True Understanding for you do not seek Truth. You seek comfort from the nightmare you created for yourself in your choice to blindly believe. You are not willing to turn within and ask Holy Spirit if what you are believing in is actually true. You have not the willingness of a mustard seed for you cower away in fear repeating in a litany what you read."
Brother One responds, "The Holy Spirit is The Comforter (John 14:16). The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ (John 16:14), and reminds us of the things that Jesus Christ taught and said (John 14:26). It is Jesus's Words that are Spirit and are Life (John 6:63).
Jesus said we are his disciples if Love One Another (John 13:34-35)."
My response, "May I suggest you reread those words you just stated. Read them very slowly and carefully. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives comfort and points you to see Jesus's WORDS as in WHAT HE TOLD his followers they needed to do to speak with the Father. He told them TURN WITHIN TO HOLY SPIRIT FOR YOUR GUIDANCE AND THE ANSWERS YOU SEEK.
Hello Mcfly! You picking up on the words you yourself have written here? Notice how you do not see what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE? In BOLD BLACK AND WHITE it tells you to listen to Jesus's words of turning to Holy Spirit. As I stated you are not here to heal yourself. You are instead here to be taken care of as if you are a victim. There are no victims here brother. You create your own pain and misery with your blind following what is read in a book or stated by some guy up on a pulpit.
Hell! In all actuality you do not even follow what it is you are reading in the book since you could not see the words plain as day in front of your face... Seriously consider stepping back from the ledge the rest of the lemmings have been leaping from blindly...."
Brother One responds, "We are victims (those who serve The Real Jesus Christ). The Lord tells us that if we obey Him and Love Others as He loves us, then people will try to take advantage of us and try to persecute us. He says that just as they did it to Him, they will try to do it to us who serve Him. With that being said, He tells us to forgive like He forgave and to continue to obey Him anyway.
John 12:24-25, "Truly, truly, I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life."
John 15:17-18, "This is My command to you: Love one another. If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first."
If you keep pouring into a cup then it will spill. Likewise, being too greedy will eventually lead to wastefulness. Too much fullness leads to emptiness. Too much light blinds the eyes. Too much sound deafens the ears. Too much taste numbs the tongue. It's better to obey Christ and Love Others and put aside selfish greed as much as possible and trust in The Love of God."
My response, "There are no victims here. In every moment you are the one making all choices and decisions to judge that which is being experienced to be whatever it is for you. In every moment you have to decide whether to conform, comply and subjugate yourself to the the dictates, commands and demands being handed to you. It is YOU who is making this decision every single time. No one makes these choices for you. This makes you FULLY RESPONSIBLE for what you are choosing to believe your experiences are for you.
Everything we go through is for our benefit with lessons we are to learn from them of how we are choosing to believe, perceive so experience our reality as being. Even in the act of being raped I had to choose to see myself as being a victim. I had to choose to judge myself as being defiled, ruined, tarnished, dirty, filthy, unworthy, bad, wrong, evil, broken, shameful and guilty for what was happening to me. That what I was experiencing was going to define who i was and how I was to be treated by those around me.
If everything we go through is for our benefit then nothing can ever be wrong, bad, evil, shameful or any other judgmental label we would choose to slap on it. Everything we experience has been created specifically for us to experience on our perspective journeys. Each one has lessons buried within them we are to learn of ourselves and how we have been choosing to believe in.
You believe you think for yourself. I must inform you that you do not. You like the rest of Humanity are the walking dead. You do not know who you are, what you are, how you got here nor what your purpose for being is. You see yourself and those around you as a victim not understanding you create your own hell for yourself. You blindly accept follow and believe what you read in a book or your chosen authority figures tell you without question.
Your blind belief is your downfall for it imprisons you in a cage you build yourself. It shackles you in place going no where wondering why no one can see your value or worth. Your mask is askew and the false facade no longer hides what you fear the most. They eat at you and spew forth showing the terror within your heart for yourself and others.
You can only perceive in black or white. You cannot see the millions of shades of grey in between them. You cannot perceive how the people around you are no different than you. That you are all EQUAL in all ways. That the only differences between you are held in your own mind as the judgmental labels you were trained to accept so believe in. You have been indoctrinated and do not even know it.
Religion, society, government are all the same thing. Religion created society and then created the government to run the society. Each new life brought into that society is indoctrinated to blindly accept, follow and believe in an authority and that the authority may punish them however they choose if the do not conform, comply and subjugate themselves to that authority when dictated. What they are indoctrinated into is a slave market. They are trained slaves working and slaving for someone else always in fear of having everything taken away from them by the authority, even their life.
How is that for an eye opener to what your reality actually is? You are living in an illusion of freedom. Your government, religion and society have you prostituting yourself to survive and I do not mean in the context of sex either. You sell yourself as a servant to better those around you who are already in a better position than you are. You better others yet not yourself… Why do you suppose that is? It is because you do not like yourself let alone love yourself. Look in your mirror and ask yourself why you have so much fear and you will understand why you are not happy. Why you are terrified all of the time.
All your fear does is hurt you as it eats at you from within. Your choices to judge and blindly believe is what is hurting you. If you want that painful fear to end you have to look at it and ask why you choose it. No one is required to think like you or believe as you do. Hell you were never required to believe as you are choosing to. You only think you were required to. It came part and parcel with that indoctrination.
As your Bible stated empty your cup of that which you have been choosing to believe in so it may be filled with a Truth that shall free you from the terror within your own mind. At this time you choose to see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. No one can change your mind but you here. All Holy Spirit may do is lay the Truth before you and allow you to decide if you would pick it up and look at it and accept it for yourself. Holy Spirit cannot and will not drag you kicking and screaming into the Light of Understanding. You have to WILLINGLY CHOOSE to pick up what Holy Spirit lays before you and accept it so walk into the Light of Understanding of your own Free Will given you by the Creator to choose what resonates for you so be the Sovereign Being you were meant to be who is Self Governing so Self Reliant understanding that to harm another is to harm ones self. That all one would now choose to do is extend the LOVE they ARE to all around them UNCONDITIONALLY."
Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.