"Many legends in cultural anthropology around the globe refer to the Pleiades. Why were the ancient peoples so impressed by the Pleiades?


Astronomers tell us that we are at the center of a wheel-in-a-wheel of a cosmic time machine that was understood by the Maya and Egyptians. Just as we rotate with respect to our immediate solar paradigm, our entire galactic system is currently moving around the reference point of the larger configuration of the Pleiades, known to astronomers as the Star Cluster of the Seven Sisters.


This larger wheel is known as the precession of the equinoxes, the period of time it takes the Earth to complete a complete cycle through the Zodiac constellation (...) The Pleiades play a key role in both the northern and southern hemispheres during the equinoxes and solstices established by the precession.


So, if we look again at the thousand pillars, the megalithic centres and the important texts that have been preserved throughout the world by the thousand-year-old tradition, we see a deep relationship between the stories of the Pleiades and the origin of humanity.


The Pleiades are "the cradle and throne of our consciousness" and the programme of Adamic Life was created in relation to this region of space. This is also the region of space that will signal the return of the higher intelligence, it represents a place where the higher hierarchies come together to balance the lower creation.


The Pleiades thus mark events of heavenly-earthly contact and overlapping of the angelic and the human, encounters which have been recorded with almost uncanny accuracy by the different cultures of the world. But even more important is the awakening realization of the tremendous age and historical plausibility of these legends about the Pleiades, which have been found all over the world and which all point to a greater protection and to an ultimate transformation of creation that will allow us to go back to the higher heavens, to be elevated, reprogrammed and resurrected into the heavens of the Most High".


J.J. Hurtak, writer, American anthropologist, former professor at California State University


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