Wintertime can be time full of chilly weather, warm mugs and beautiful, glistening snow, but staying healthy can prove to be a challenge, especially for our littlest ones. Children can be particularly susceptible and vulnerable to illness, especially during colder months of the year. Consider proactive methods that can help support their immune systems so they can be happy and healthy as the time of the year turns cold.

Check Your Clothing Choices

Clothing can be an essential and obvious way to boost their ability to stay healthy and happy. What layers you choose which can be an essential consideration. By adding a few lightweight layers like a fleece jacket under a waterproof outer layer like kids snow suits can allow for a warm, well-insulated and dry child as they enjoy the winter’s wonders. In bundling up your child, keep in mind that covering their hands, head and feet with a warm layer can also be crucial. A great deal of warmth can escape from their heads and our extremities can be vulnerable to the cold, so adding a warm layer for their head, hands and feet can help keep them warm. Choosing the proper layers for children may allow for them to enjoy the winter experience without letting the chilly weather get in.

Stay Active and Get Outside

During chilly months, we may be tempted to curl up by a warm fire or under a blanket and enjoy a cold-weather snuggle. Trying to keep in mind the importance of staying active as the temperature drops can feel less enticing, however, it can be an important step of staying healthy. If the temperature is safe for your child to go outside, get them outside to help you build an igloo, make a snow angel or build a snowman. Getting those rays of sunshine and staying active can be incredibly impactful. Additionally, if you’re unable to get outside, consider indoor activities to get your young ones moving like a play place, sports center or activity center.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated and getting proper fluids can be an important component of straying away illness. We may feel less thirsty during the winter months, however, it can be even more important to ensure our bodies have the appropriate amount of liquid. Water is essential, but after a long day outdoors you also brighten your child’s day with a warm drink like hot chocolate. While this option may not be the most nutritious, it may also bring a smile to your kiddo’s face.

Eating a Well-balanced Diet

Eating well as the months turn colder can prove to be a challenge for many considering fruits and vegetables often flourish during the warmer months. Consider creative ways to include proper nutrients into your and your child’s diet despite limited options like frozen vegetables and healthful snacks, as a well-balanced diet during the wintertime can help provide important nutrients and help support your child’s immune system. If you’re having considerable challenges getting your child on board or finding options, think about asking your pediatrician or a nutritionist about creative ways to help support their diets.

Washing Hands

Handwashing is often thought of as a necessary step after using the restroom, however, it can also be an incredibly influential component of keeping away nasty germs during winter months. The spread of germs can often come through contact with the illness, so by properly washing your hands can make a significant difference in ensuring illnesses are kept at bay. Kids may not be aware of the protocol for proper handwashing, so consider a strategy of singing songs during the process that they can understand how long they should be scrubbing and rinsing their hands.

Staying healthy during the winter months can prove a challenge to many, but there are impactful steps that we can take to be proactive and preventative. Considering how vulnerable children can be to illnesses, the more we can support their immune systems, the better. Many of these routines and steps can be integrated into our daily lives, so assess how you can integrate these into your daily life to help support your child’s winter experience.