Hello world. The following is from 2018.

The conversation from yesterday about the "The Synchronicities that solidify the validity of Truth." continues...

My brother states, "Sabrina Reyenga LOL. Maybe, as an alleged psychic one should know that unsolicited psycho analyzing strangers on the Internet is generally not very welcome. The questions I ask Trisha are asked for more than 20 years now, with no reasonable answer yet - which in itself IS an answer I guess. You seem to think pointing out judgement in your brother is without your own judgement? OK then.;-)

Besides, it seems that how you offer your services is your own business. Trisha is being asked how a promotion of her dairy entry as "valid for all" is somehow excluding her own organization which clearly generates revenues from ACIM and has a 'guru' teacher who claims to be Christ Jesus himself, all together engaged in 'guided' group-study for decades.... Your own way of conducting business thus is not the topic, since you obviously do not claim to be Christ Jesus and privy to the first generation Course students' general receipt of the alleged guidelines. But since we are at it, maybe tell us who your guides propose should hold a copyright on ACIM authored by Jesus Christ, on Earth? TIA."

My response, "How I am offering my services? What services would those be? I have already stated that I give of the information given me as it is received. I give of it freely with no strings attached. I have never charged anyone for the information I am given here. The only services I charge for would be for my mobile computer repair business of which my husband and I have been running for 18 years now. All things Spiritual are given as they are received, FREELY!

By the way, I do not allege anything. I state clearly and succinctly who I am and what I do. I observe and witness all my brothers are doing in the moment and am shown the Truth beneath the surface of their beliefs. I share what I am shown. I share what is being explained in those moments and why it is happening the way it is more often than not. I share a different perspective with which to view many experiences from so my brothers may change their minds and heal from that which they had chosen to believe.

And brother, I AM GOD and so are YOU. We, all of us are God. Each of us retain a part or portion of the One Infinite Creator within us. It is that which is the very life force that has given us our existence here in this reality. We are All That Is experiencing itself through the perspective of the choice of personal belief in that which is experienced. We create this reality with our choices to perceive and believe."

My brother responds, "'....I have already stated that I give of the information given me as it is received. ....' Well, the information you received and so gracioulsy shared about me up there is incorrect and bogus.

'...I AM GOD and so are YOU.....' So God is having a dream and dreaming of his own awakening in a happy dream? Is that what you say? Maybe we should consult ACIM to reach some clarity?"

My response, "All answers are within you and not outside of you. What you choose to follow and believe are choices made by you. Just as the masses blindly accepted and believed what was told them about the Bible so to do the masses blindly follow and believe what they read in books. Have you never stopped to question the authenticity of what it is you were reading? It does not seem as if you have..."

My brother responds, "Only Truth interests me. I am not "the masses" And I am certainly not blind to the topic of this newsgroup of Facebook, which is ACIM. If you desire exchange beyond that topic, PM me."

My response, "Nothing is ever hidden with me brother. The very fact that you are not willing to discuss this in the open for all to witness says quite a bit about where you are at. That you are in fear of being judged so would hide that which you are thinking and believing from all around you. You are overly concerned with your persona and how your brothers see you. I am not to hold private conversations, phone calls, video chats with any of my brothers. All dialogues are to be held out in the open for all to witness so that all may receive healing from the interactions being placed before them."

My brother responds, "Then take responsibility for casting negative judgement and unsolicited psycho analysis onto a stranger on the Internet. If that is the best you and your guides can come up with, don't PM me. I am certainly not interested in this mind-fuck of yours, and I am not hiding in any way. I am known for ACIM correspondence for 20 plus years. Just ask Dov Fishman, our host. You must think your projections mean something special, while you demean others here. Your choice. Live with it. Not my flavor."

My response, "Brother the only one who is casting negative judgments here would be you. You continue to project out your own choices to believe on your brothers.

As for your question as to the rights of ownership and what was the purpose of the copyright... The ownership of the copyright of the course is to go to Humanity as a whole and not to any individual. The purpose of the copyright was to keep the Material contained within it INTACT so it could not be changed on a whim by anyone later down the timeline as we know it to be.

Such as what has happened with many religious doctrine throughout history. If one were to look at the Bible, Torah, Kabbalah, and so on they would witness were the original teachings have been twisted to have the masses following blindly and never questioning those who state they are the authority.

Also it was the ORIGINAL MATERIAL with all the notes and personal conversations with Source/Jesus that was to be copyrighted and not what has been. Those Original Materials held the examples of the why and hows of what was being shared so the example of personal experience would give substance to the meaning of the lessons to be learned. What was copy righted were Ken's choices and decisions of what was worthy or of value and what was not in his own judgmental mind.

This is why I am told by my Guides to share and share freely of my own personal experiences and the lessons I have learned through them. How every one has led to healing within me."

Another brother responds, "An unfortunate mistake by Ken and the FIP has yet to publish the correct material. Alas it always boils down to " follow the money" "

My response to the second brother, "It no longer matters. As more beings choose to Stand in their Light of Truth and share as they are being guided to by Source within them the masses will awaken to the Truth of who they are through their examples. Their very fearlessness is witnessed and will begin to be mirrored as those watching recognize the resonance of the Truth being shared so openly within them."

My continued response to the first brother, "Oh, by the way, it matters not that you have been doing the course or any teachings for 20 years. What that shows is your egoistic attachments to a belief that you have been doing something longer so think you know better. All that shows is that you, like your brothers are stuck in a rut of your own making and have no idea how to get yourselves out of it. Each of you simply followed the being before you blindly not noticing the muck you were walking into.

As for seeking out the validations of another about the validity of another beings authority... That would be no more than seeking out the judgment of another as being the authority over oneself. That would essentially be the act of handing away ones own Free Will to discern what is Truth for them to another being. It would be asking a brother to be responsible for my own choices to believe and to become responsible for all that I am choosing to do. NO THANK YOU! I am only responsible for ME and MY OWN CHOICES to believe. No one else may make my choices for me EVER!

By the way, the very mind-fuck you are running from would be the same mind-fuck that you were indoctrinated with from the moment of birth. That mind-fuck I am pointing out is the key to the undoing of the egoistic mind training Humanity has been put through. To reverse the process one must willingly retrace their steps to their beginnings to see where they chose to veer from Truth into the realms of the illusion of belief through the acceptance of the judgments being handed to them by the adults around them in a belief that THEY WERE the AUTHORITY."

The second brother responds, "Jesus told us we shall know people by their actions. And the truth about their actions can save time and frustration."

My response, "I have been sharing how I have been healed on all levels completely for 6 years now. I have shared how turning within and seeking the answers from within me I came to understand how my beliefs were killing me with diseases such as cancers. As I let go those beliefs my diseases healed and disappeared without medications or surgeries instantly! Everything that is shared is shared from the experience had and the lessons learned. The understandings given are only given when I asked and listened to hear and not answer. When I listened and accepted the Truth I healed!"

The first brother responds, "Sabrina Reyenga "....The ownership of the copyright of the course is to go to Humanity as a whole and not to any individual. ....' OK. Sounds reasonable. And how do you do that? Natural Law, Common Law, Private Law, or Cicil Law, on Earth? How do you reconcile copyright law handled in the public with 'Humanity' owning it? TIA"

My response, "Brother what you negate here would be God's Laws. Man's laws hold no bearing or merit when placed next to God's Laws. For God's Laws point to the Sovereignty of the Individual to use their Free Will of Choice to discern what resonates as Truth for them. Man's laws do more than subvert the Free Will of the individual to choose what resonates for them as Truth to another through subversive manipulations created to control the individual on a psychological level to always choose what does not resonate in lieu of acceptance and a subverting of a judgment or punishment. That type of mans law is called coercion. They use the fear of punishment, judgment, pain and suffering to coerce one to their will. That IS what man's laws do. Not so God's Laws.

If everything you hold forth as being True and defining who you are and are to be and who your brothers are was taught to you by someone else just as it had been taught to them, how do you know it is the Truth? Consider this question very carefully. It points one within them to look at what it is they are choosing to believe. It points to everything you have chosen for yourself and that YOU are responsible for those choices. You are the one creating the hell you perceive before you with your own choices to believe.

That question points to how YOU are choosing to accept another's authority over you. How you are choosing to hand away your rights of Free Will to choose for yourself to another. How you have chosen to blindly follow and believe that you must follow and obey a dictate being handed to you that was created by someone else based off of their choices to believe that that is how things NEED to be. By accepting their choice to believe you accept their power over you to control you and enslave you to what they would have you think, say, do, and believe. You willing enslave yourself to someone else's authority.

The course belongs to Humanity. All Humanity need do is step forward and accept the material within it as their own and live it. That is all that is needed. A simple choice to be made within the hearts and minds of each being to choose what resonates for themselves as Truth. To no longer seek outside of them for what they already have within them."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.