Lots of you may have read about Dr. Salvatore Pais' success at USPTO (via Dr. Salla's expopolitics.org) in the very recent past.  (BTW, he's updated his site today and its lead story is this one!)  It appears he's broken his silence and has let the proverbial cat out-of-the-bag by talking about what his propulsion systems will be enabling U.S. Navy craft to do.  https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBZiEgX?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare    This is in MSM!! This is too hard to believe all 5 people that run all of MSM are all sleeping at the switch - and all their lackeys! 

This ALSO has major, positive, implications for us masses!

Big power isn't going to like this as they all know their time is damn-near about up; I'm not referencing green, renewable energy here folks!

Disclosure is finally starting to happen!!

Future Science is rapidly becoming Current Events! Love it!!