The coverup is huge.  Much of it is not only unnecessary but damaging to America.  If the American people are blind to Alien existence and America's technology bad decisions could be made.  Decisions so damaging that America might . . . cease to exist!

     If Americans think that fast jet fighters are the limit of American technology when confronted by an obvious Alien threat they might choose to give up without a fight.  It could be a fight we would win!

     So much is secret that, I suspect, many of our Representatives and Senators are unaware of most of it.  Furthermore, our Generals and Admirals are likely unaware of most of it.  We are talking here of Our Technology and Alien Technology.

     Now, I hope, you understand how horrible mistakes of judgment could occur.

     It may be that America was about to take on the Alien Nordics.  I don't know if this happened . . . but I'm suspicious.  I know enough about America's power, relative to the Alien Nordics, to know America would have ended up begging for mercy!

     I was once on a Nordic Alien spaceship returning me to Earth.  [I had been abducted by S Men in 1976.  M's had raided the S starship and I was taken onboard the M ship.]  This ship had docked with the M Men and the M's showed respect for the Nordics.  The M's are a Great Power in the Galaxy--not beginners like America.  I suspect M's have the power to make planets disappear!  And, they respected the Alien Nordics!  Can the Alien Nordics make planets disappear?

     The Alien Nordic spaceship easily exceeded the speed of light.  Yes, I know, we regard this as impossible.  In short, they aren't really using spaceships that rely on laser beams from a planet for propulsion!  I believe they told us this to make us feel relaxed with them.  They look exactly like us.  We are probably the result of crashed Alien Nordic spaceships on Earth.  Are we Alien Nordic children?

     So, waking America up is essential to good judgment and the survival of Planet Earth.


Jon LaVine in 1976.





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In this video, I discuss the truth about the alien agenda, America's Secret Space Program and SpaceX. You won't believe what secrets about the alien agenda and technology are being kept from the public. Check out the whole video for all the details. Subscribe for more: Support me on Patreon at: Watch The Entire Space Conspiracy Theory Video Playlist Here: Share this Alien Agenda video with a friend: Contact Me Here For Collaborations, Sponsorship, Or Any Other Important Reason: openyourreality at The Truth About The Alien Agenda Welcome back to another episode of Open Your Reality. In this one you’re going to learn the truth about the alien agenda. It’s an incredible story and one that I’ve had to piece together over many years. So do aliens really exist? Yes, absolutely they do. To be candid, the story of alien life on this planet spans back eons ago, but I’m only going to talk about events from the 1940s on, as this is the period in human history that fascinates me most. So let’s roll into it. In the 1940s, a great deal of UFO activity was happening in the New Mexico area of the United States. This included numerous incidents of alien craft, the most famous being the recovery of a crashed UFO on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. In the recovery were three alleged alien bodies. This happened on July 2, 1947. Initially the press reported a flying disc had been retrieved but soon after the official story was changed to a weather balloon. You may be wondering why so much UFO activity was only occurring in the New Mexico region of the U.S. and not elsewhere. I believe it’s because the U.S, the world’s leading superpower at the time, had just developed the atomic bomb and was working on other advanced technologies and weapons that could have led to the destruction of the planet. The aliens, who said they were concerned for our planet’s safety, needed to see what was going on. But at the same token, they are not allowed to interfere in our evolution by universal law. So they were caught in a dilemma as you can see – either standby and allow us to potentially destroy ourselves or make contact in some way and try to intervene indirectly. The aliens chose the latter. The next major event that occurred with the aliens took place at Edwards Air Force Base in 1954, when President Dwight D Eisenhower met with them. This is was the first of three meetings Eisenhower would make with the aliens. In that initial meeting, which I intend to make a future video on, Eisenhower signed a formal treaty with the aliens, who were known as the “Grays”. This meeting was validated by Bill Cooper, who was in the Navy and had seen 21 black and white photos of aliens, including official reports of their existence. Or course, Bill Cooper wrote one of the all-time the classic works on the secret government called Behold A Pale Horse. It’s a dense book with a lot of facts, so just be aware of that if you think about reading it. Anyway, the treaty that Eisenhower signed with the grays, stated aliens would not interfere in our affairs and ours in theirs. All of this just scratches the surface of all that happened. There is much more information, equally mind-blowing, but I just wanted to get into the basics in this video to give you background as to how the aliens made contact with us, for what reason and the aftermath. Keep in mind, only a handful of people were briefed and knew about the meetings with the grays and Eisenhower. Actually, for the military personnel and people who saw the aliens, the reaction was so extreme that Eisenhower and some of his staff quickly realized that he could never reveal the alien presence to the public, even though this what the aliens wanted. During the meeting, the aliens changed their mind, perhaps because they realized it would cause more problems that it would solve. At first, the U.S. secret government thought the aliens the best thing since sliced bread. It thought the grays benevolent and it was going to get advanced technology, making the U.S. the clear-cut dominant super-power in the world by an even wider margin. This agreement gave the grays the right to experiment on the planet in exchange for this technology. But the secret government quickly saw that the grays had taken advantage and had abducted many more humans and animals than they agreed to. Similar Videos: #alienagenda #truthaboutspacex #openyourreality #secretspaceprogram2020 #arealiensreal #americassecretspaceprogram #nasaandaliens #doaliensexist