Physicists have been talking about the Universe being a Computer Simulation.  They talk about the possibility that our Universe is simply in an Alien Computer!

     The following Video Discussion is more sophisticated than that.  George Noory and Linda Moulton Howe take it to the . . . Next Level!



     As a Logician (M.A. University of South Florida) let me get my two cents in.

     Contemplating much that George and Linda discuss I am slowly coming to the concept of an infinite Universe (GOD) that extends infinitely in space/time.  This explains "I Am That I Am."

     Our true Universe is pure Logic.  Yes, all Math!  Why?  Because how can there be anything?  So, perhaps there is Thought, logical Thought of course!

     But we experience each other and color, sound, taste, smell, and touch--and our feelings such as love.  Our World is made up of wind, sea, trees, etc.  But all of this can be reduced to Logic (complete Math).

     The most difficult part of this view is the 'feel' of matter and the 'seeing' of objects.  Science tells us the 'feel' is pressure and texture.  And, that 'seeing' consists of wavelengths of light.  Presure, geometry, and wavelengths are reducable to mathematics, however.

     So, imagine an infinite Universe where Logic stretches forever and in every calculation.

     But what of color, sound, taste, smell, touch, and feelings?  

     Well, DNA pops up in all the math with its unique structure.  Where it touches the rest of the Universe comes sensation.  And, DNA draws God's Mind into the Logic to create desire and goals so important to the continued existence of every DNA strand!  And, DNA becomes increasingly complex with the passage of Time.

     So perception is the outcome of infinite mathematics/logic.  To perceive, however, requires The Law Of Non-Contradiction, that a thing cannot both be and not be, in the same way and particular.  This is expressed in Logic as ~(p ∗ ~p) stating nothing can be and not be at the same time and place, and all other particulars.

     But Existence doesn't come from DNA.  Rather it's the other way around.  Existence--to be infinite--IS the existence of everything.  This is expressed in Logic as p ∗ ~p.  In our Logic this doesn't destroy truth.  Instead it makes EVERYTHING true!  But everything at once is too much for those little DNA.  DNA perceives a World, but not the Universe.  DNA perceives a logical World, not the illogical everything Univese.

     Now you know why quantum effects cease when perceived.  Perception can't handle the counter intuitive 'everything at once'.  So, for us, GOD is a mystery and the Universe requires exploration.  I suspect this exploration will take forever and lead to all that appears, at first glance, to be 'counter intuitive'!

     GOD is inside His body.