Hello world. the following is from 2017.

My brother shared, "If one needs to defend the Truth, it is not the Truth, it is ego."

My response, "Absolutely! It is the beliefs we are holding forth as being the truth and defining us and this world that we are taught to defend. It is a learned reaction and can be unlearned. Many of the beliefs we hold were taught in the form of judgments and opinions put forth to us as being the absolute truth and we are NEVER to question it in any way. If we do we shall be persecuted until we choose to conform to their dictates. This training is unilaterally Universal and everyone is taught this way of thinking and believing. It is the CORE of the Egoistic Thought System. Do as you are told and never question it or Crucifixion will be your reward….

The Truth needs no defense. It stands on it's own and does not vary or waiver in any way. The Truth does not hurt, it heals. The conflict one experiences inside them as pain when they hear a Truth is caused by their belief in the judgments and beliefs taught to them. If they willingly choose to look within at those beliefs, they would see what is shared is Truth and be willing to accept it and choose again changing what they believed for the Truth.

Thank you so much for sharing this Truth. It brought in more clarity as to what it is that we have been trained to do. All of us have been taught to blindly follow and believe what is said to us as being the Truth. To believe what we are reading in books is true. We have been taught to never question those who told us they were the authorities. To never question or look for ourselves to see if what is being shared is the Truth. To live in a constant state of fear that we are not meeting someone else's standards and expectations of who and what they believe we should be.

This blindly following and defending our thoughts and beliefs as if they are the absolute truth is what has the world in so much chaos today. My Guides and Holy Spirit have been repeating questions to me the past few days that They had asked me when I first started my journey with God years ago.

The questions asked were, "If everything you think you know and believe to be true was taught to you by someone else as it was taught to them and the ones before them… How do you know it is True? If every title and label you define yourself with was created and given a definition by someone else then handed to you, why did you accept it and believe it as being true? Why do you continue to believe what you were forced to accept?"

When I looked within at everything taught to me. At each experience and the judgments handed to me. I found all were judgments and none of them were true. Yet those were the things I was choosing to believe. Those were the things that had been taught to me. So I defended them as if my very life depended on it. That the strength of my belief would make it true. If I believed in it enough I could make everyone around me believe in it too…. Thing is we all believed the same damn thing and all of it was a pack of lies. All of us were taught to believe we are being attacked if someone does not see everything exactly as we do. We were taught that if they disagree we are then a victim too.

Damn this is some pretty twisted psychological training to put someone through. Yet, this is exactly what each of us has gone through generation after generation since the beginning of time…. Thank you again brother. This has been a really deep channeling of clarity for me."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.