Hello world. The following is from 2018.

It is funny, my Guides have been going on and on about "Revelations". The Bible's book of Revelations and Humanities journey of healing through Revelations. The Revelations of what was believed and the Revelations of what is True. How the two do not meet because one is an illusion taught to you and the other is made by choice. The Revelations that are coming will tear down the very fabric of what we thought and believed. In its place the Truth will be received, accepted and believed. Freedom of Sovereignty of Being and Free Will to choose what resonates will be the way all choose to be.

Until you discover these Truths for yourself you will continue to be a slave to the machine. Blindly following and believing everything they tell you and you read in their books. Never stopping to question if what you are being told and shown is the Truth. Everything you think you know and believe in has been taught to you just as it was taught to the ones who taught you.

Every single one of your ancestors made the same choices you have to blindly accept, follow and believe what was being dictated to them. None of them stopped to question what they were taught. All of Humanity is trained, brainwashed, programmed and indoctrinated to think, believe, perceive, and react in almost the exact same ways.

Very few stop to question what they were taught. Those that do tend to stay quiet. For to speak of the Truth's they have learned is to open a door of ridicule and possible death. For the door that is opened is the door to complete freedom from the control of all who believe they are the authority.

My Guides have been talking about the Bible and the training Humanity has been put through as a form of allegory. There are layers of meaning and perspective embedded throughout our lives. Each experience has multiple levels of meaning and lessons buried within it.

The book of Revelations talks about the death and destruction of Humanity, the world and creation. The ending of all that is. God's final judgment on Humanity. Here is where it gets interesting. Humanities journey here is a journey of Revelations. We are here to undo or unlearn everything we have been taught to think and believe in as defining who we are and are supposed to be for who we are and were meant to be. The journey itself is about tearing down what was believed for what is Truth.

As each Individual Being makes the choice to turn within and stops looking and seeking out there in the world for the answers, the world as they perceive it starts to fall apart. What they believed about themselves and their brothers starts to break down. Before they know it they are experiencing a Death before Death and the Destruction of the world and themselves as they knew them to be.

Revelations seems to be the opening of a door to Awakening to Oneself and the Truth of who they are and want to be. The allegory here is that everything we think we believe and perceive is an illusion we were taught and if we choose to look below the surface we will see this Truth. These "revelations" are actually what it is the book of Revelations within the Bible refers to. It is also what many of the "revelation scriptures" in the world religions are referring to. The turning within and letting go the illusions you have been taught to perceive and believe are your reality.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.