Hello world. The following is from 2019.

Been having some interesting dialogues with my brothers of late. Yesterday my husband Alex decided to create a post and share it in one of the group we are in. The dialogues with our brother from this simple statement have been very eye opening. I found myself sharing some very deep perspectives with my brothers. The following was my Husband's post and the subsequent dialogues that ensued from it.

Alex shares, "You exist."

Brother One asks, "What about me exists?"

My response, "Brother, you are not your body. YOU are the Soul within the shell. Your body is no more than a tool, a vehicle to get you from one experience into the next. It is a tool to gauge what is experienced. Who you are is Eternal. Your form may change, yet who you are within those forms will always remain the same. Eternal."

Brother Two states, "No one does: 'truth can't pose a threat for anyone.'"

Alex responds, "Believe what you want to believe. At least all can choose the truth for themselves and see the two sides of it instead of the message being veiled by flowery language."

Brother Three responds, " "Truth never needs defending O Therefore, never needs to attack." ~ ba"
Alex responds, "Who is seeing attack?"

Brother Two responds, " No one is ever 'seeing anything.' Content will include more of 'This discussion tomorrow, 'probably!"

Alex responds, "LOL, Good night to you too! Maybe someday you can join us all here on earth!"

Brother Two responds, "Comedy includes all the funny things ego says in defense of TBL (the big lie): that NOW is a 'real reality.'"

Alex responds, "You really are hung up on the ego aren't you?"

My response, "Brother, you Exist and you always will. The illusion is what you have been indoctrinated into believing yourself to be. You are not your ego and neither are your brothers. The "ego" is no more than a way of thinking, judging and perceiving yourself and your reality as being. The egoistic thought system is a form of indoctrination that is self propagating.

From birth you are trained and told what everything is and is supposed to be including yourself. When you did not accept what was being said and done to you different forms of manipulation would then be used until you would do as you were being told and accepted what was being handed to you. Sometimes it was mental. Sometimes it was emotional. Sometimes it was physical violence or force that would be used to get you to comply.

Each and every single Human Being is put through this indoctrination in some form, degree and depth of perversion based on what they came into this manifestation to learn of themselves. Everything we experience is real and has happened. What is not real about them are the judgmental beliefs you hold of them. Every experience is for your benefit and will have lessons buried within it that you came here to learn about YOU. Trick is you have to start questioning all you have been through to see how it was of benefit to you. Have you done that work yet? Are you ready too?"

Brother Four states, ""Nothing Exist OUTSIDE of Heaven!!" ACIM"

My response, "Hell is contained within Heaven for Heaven is within you just as Hell is. Each is a choice to believe so perceive. Each one is a perspective with which we choose to judge or accept what is to be what it will be for us."

Brother Four responds, "Hell not REAL LOL"

My response, "Tell that to the child who has just been raped. Tell that to the soldier who just lost a limb while watching the world explode around them. Hell is a perspective that comes with a judgment of what is being experienced. We have all been in Hell while on this journey we have manifested for ourselves brother. Some of us have manifested more than others."

Brother Four responds, "I mean Hell as in lake of fire And Devil Its all not real The ONLY things that are real are created by LOVE/ GOD HEAVEN All else is false MATRIX PROGRAMS we are all SEEING!!!!!"
My response, "Once again that would be an aspect of perspective and or belief that such a place would exist and could be experienced by you. Yet I would remind you of the many places within this reality that contain just such an appearance. Humanity calls them volcanoes…"

Brother Four responds, "do you not LISTEN TO ACIM? Listen and not just hear We look but do not SEE that's our Programmed mind"

My response, " I studied ACIM back in 2013. It was a finishing school for all that Spirit and my Guides had already been teaching me of the psychology behind the indoctrination Humanity has been under. I AM a Mystic brother. I AM a psychic empath and clear open channel. As in I am able to transchannel Spirit and other Beings. I step out of my body and They step within it. They use my vessel to communicate with my brothers."

Brother four responds, "Do you know Sherri?? As she is similar She says different It her Group"

My response, "No brother I do not know of her. My Guides are Holy Spirit, Thoth, Ra, Froyd and a number of others who step in when the subject calls for it."

Brother Four responds, "Are u a light bringer? "

My response, "I AM the Light I am meant to be. I hold the Light for my brothers when they cover their own Light from themselves. I help my brothers find the Light within themselves. I teach my brothers to turn within and they will SEE the Light they have hidden from themselves unknowingly in their searching outside of them in the world and in their brothers."

Brother Five states, "Prove it"

My response, "The very fact that you are here now in this moment is proof enough that you Exist. To deny who you are and where you are at in the moment is the illusion you have been indoctrinated into believing and so propagating on yourself. When you accept who you are and where you are at all else falls away as if it is not there."

Brother Five responds, "I'm not here"

My response, "The journey is Eternal. Our forms change yet who we are within them remains the same. As we learn our lessons our purview widens of all we perceive and so understand our reality as being. We become the masters of manifestation within our creation.

Have you never stopped to question if what you are reading in a book or being told by some supposed teacher is actually true of Spirit? Do you not question what it is you think you believe and perceive in as being real and true? Are you CHOOSING to blindly follow and believe in whatever is being placed before you because they tell you they are the authority and have a piece of paper that gives them some imaginary title of minister?

Brother whenever I am faced with some book or teacher I ASK QUESTIONS. I ask things such as, Why do you believe what you do? How has it been proven as being True for you? Can you share how everything you have ever experienced had been of benefit to you with the lessons you learned through them?

If they can't answer these… They are frauds… Plain and simple. THEY ARE FRAUDS! If they are not able to share how all is for their benefit they have NOT done the work needed to heal themselves. They continue to propagate the lies they were taught and have never questioned the validity of. Like those who came before them they chose to blindly follow and believe to get a paycheck and nothing more. Why else do they hold their hands out constantly saying "pay me if you want me to help you" when you ask a question seeking clarity and understanding of what has been shared? They DO NOT know the answers because they have never done the work themselves.

When one chooses to actually do the work these Truths begin to stand out glaringly for them. They begin to understand exactly how it is the egoistic mind chose to high jack their Spiritual journey and make of them no more than and enlightened ego working to entrap them and their brothers in a more dense lie than what they started with. But hey! That IS your choice to continue to do so when the Truth has been placed before you again and again."

Brother Five responds, "None of this ever happened. We are home resting in God"

My response, "Once again that is your choice to continue believing as you do. The only one this will effect will be you. For you will have to face the repercussions of your choices by yourself when the time comes to review all you chose to believe here.

I have shared how I have died and been resuscitated over 100 times on this journey. Each time I would review what was experienced and what it is I was misconceiving of them. Each and every time I had to make a choice as to what it was I would do. Would I step back into my body and continue my journey here or would I move on to another and try something different instead? It is a choice I HAD to make and NO ONE could make it for me. Each and every time I have died I have had to review what was experienced to see where I was on my journey. Each time I was allowed to choose what I would do.
Every time I stepped out of my body I understood it was no more than a tool being used to gauge what was being experienced by. I UNDERSTOOD FULLY that I was not my body. My True body is a translucent Blue Light filled body that GLOWS from within with the Light Force that is ME. There are no male nor female parts on this body for both are encapsulated within it equally."

Brother Five responds, "True forgiveness ends all karma permanently"

My response, "You ASSUME all experiences are connected to some form of KARMA. THEY ARE NOT! Each and every experience has been created and manifested specifically for those who are involved with it. If you are not meant to experience something you DON"T! Each and every experience has a lesson within it that we are to learn of ourselves and how we are choosing to perceive or JUDGE our reality as being."

Brother Five responds, "No. It's all karma. All of it that never happened"

My response, "I just shared how it is I KNOW what I know to be True for me. I am able to share a direct experience of death and rebirth into the body, not once or twice, but over 100 times I can give examples of how this is True. Can you do the same? Can you share how what you believe has been proven to you through your own experiences and how those experiences have been of benefit to you? If not, then you obviously have NOT done the work to HEAL yourself and are CHOOSING to blindly follow and NEVER question your chosen authority figures."

Brother Five responds, "perception is not real. Perception is based on belief. There is only God"

My response, "That is your choice to believe as you are choosing to brother. Have fun with that. All that ever got me was a date with death and a body filled with multiple diseases such as cancer. It was not until I chose to stop BLINDLY FOLLOWING AND BELIEVING in the bullshit the doctors and these supposed teachers and books were telling me that I was able to HEAL all diseases without medications nor surgeries and began to reverse the aging process itself. Tell me again how all of what I am sharing is karma driven and never happened. Our experiences are real brother. How we are choosing to perceive and JUDGE them is what is not real.

I experienced being force fed and kicked across a room into a brick fireplace at 9 months old. I experienced my first full penetration/rape of a foreign object at 10 months old. I continued experiencing those molestations and rapes into my teens. I experienced beatings with mental and emotional manipulations and coercions to get me to conform and comply with what my abusers and the adults around me were dictating. At two years old I started seeing, hearing and speaking to the Spirit world. At two years old my family started having me exorcised and beaten by their priest to get the "demons" out of me. I was literally being coerced, manipulated and beaten into submission by the adults around me until I complied brother. What I experienced were extremes. What my brothers have experienced are variations to lesser degrees."

Brother Five responds, "I'm sorry you went through this. God heals everything And only God"

My response, "The point in sharing what I did here is that ALL EXPERIENCES are for our benefit. Each one had a lesson I was to learn about myself and how I was CHOOSING to judge the experience or accept the judgments of it from others. How in each instant I MADE A CHOICE to accept or judge myself.

When I accepted responsibility for my choices to judge my experiences or accept the judgments being handed to me about them… I immediately was given the opportunity to see them differently and change my mind about them. I could finally let go all I had believed them to be and what those beliefs were defining me as being. In doing this I healed instantly all that I believed had happened to me.
This is what I am talking about when it comes to these teachers and the books they write. None of them can share what they have experienced nor how they have been healed of them. Our brothers are still living in fear of being judged.

All they teach one is how to conform and comply with what is being dictated to them. They propagate the belief that to question is to deny. To question is to validate. Meaning when one questions what is experienced they are given clarity and understanding as to what is happening, why it is happening and how it is of benefit to them."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.