Hello world. The following is from 2015.

What a day. It is amazing how fears can completely stifle communication. How the fear of making a mistake, getting caught making it, being blamed, or even owning up to it can completely blind one to everything. The things we fear…

Had a situation this weekend on a job with a company we had to work on a job site with. Some items may have been damaged by their crews. They were very upset that we had been in communication with all the employees at the location of the business we were doing the work there for. The other company only wanted us to speak with management and with them. Which is not their call. We are working for another company. They also stated that they wanted us to leave and not do the next day follow up we were scheduled to do. To see us there this morning really ticked them off. Once again not their call to make.

In any case, the impression we have been given is that this company is looking to "toss us under the bus" so to speak for what they did. Holy Spirit and my Guides were guiding us today. We contacted our boss and let them know what was happening. We also let the folks at the business know what happened and that we were there to resolve whatever issues that they are having. When we left almost everything had been fixed.

Apparently, the other company did try to toss us under that bus. Problem was they forgot that all areas were being filmed at all times. The surveillance cameras caught everything that his crew had done and how they tried to cover it up. The videos were reviewed before we left for the day.

We could feel a huge difference in the attitudes of the folks at that business. I don't think that we will be having any more access issues. Even the Bosses were happy with our work. So much so that they sent us more jobs before we even got home from this one.

Feeling so very grateful and joyful. Life is good.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.