Hello world. The following is from September 13, 2016.

Consider for a moment every label that you use to define yourself. Now consider every label that has been handed to you by someone else. When you consider each of these labels that you are holding forth as defining who you are, ask yourself if that label is a judgment. Is that label you are believing defines you a judgment and opinion being handed to you by someone else? Why are you believing in that label or judgment as being true, as being who you are? What purpose does that judgment serve? Who does it really benefit?

When I willingly looked at what I was believing defined me and this world, I began to heal. I also began to see how every label being handed to me was a judgment and opinion. All create a codependent relationship whose only function is to place the free will of one being into the control of another. The tools being used would be fear, shame, guilt, blame, violence, punishments, and the list goes on and on. All are forms of manipulation.

One must look below the surface of a "wound" or "hurt" to see where the true cause is hiding. Many times the true cause is a choice and decision we ourselves have made to judge ourselves, a situation, others, and how we are being treated as us doing something wrong and being unworthy. When we are not being accepted as we are we conform to try and fit in. In many instances we will accept another's judgments and opinions just to gain that acceptance from them and others. In many cases we learn and are taught to blindly follow and believe the dictates, judgments, opinions and expectations of those around us and those we "believe" have "authority" over us.

What I am talking about is bucking the system. Of no longer following, believing and judging everything you hear, see, read and experience to be this or that. To instead go within your heart and mind and question each item, each thought, each feeling with Higher Self or Holy Spirit and ask questions. Ask what it is for, why it's there, what is the lesson, what's your misperception, what's the correction, and my favorites….IS THIS TRUE and How is this of benefit to me? Then I sit and wait in silence for the answers.

Each time I have done this healing has occurred on some level. Mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering have been healed. Cancers and other diseases healed when I healed my mind of the judgments I was believing defined me. I had to willingly look within at what was hurting before I could begin to heal it. I had to play a game of connect the dots to see how each item was connected to the ones next to it and as such was a part of the whole. The whole being my body that was dying of cancers, disease, and broken bones.

I reached a very rocky bottom and my last resort was calling on Source, God, Holy Spirit, Angels and all beings of the Light to show me the way or I was checking out and coming home. I was done picking and choosing what everything was for and who I thought I was supposed to be. That the rapes, molestation, mental, emotional, and physical abuses defined who I was and was going to be because someone else told me that is who I am. I reached a moment and recognized I needed to stop listening to what my Guides call "The Peanut Gallery". They say, "They are nuts slowly roasted in the blood, sweat, and tears in the "Hell" of their own making. If you want nuts go to the Peanut Gallery. If you want the "Real Peanut Butter" come to "HIM Holy Spirit"!"

Guess where I go to for all the latest and greatest info on my awakening now? I go Within to HIM, Holy Spirit.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.