Hello world. The following is from 2017.

I have some questions for you to contemplate Folks. I would ask you the same questions I have been asking our brothers of which Spirit has asked of me. These are some of the questions Spirit asked me that started me looking within at my choices on my journey.

Why do you believe what you do? How has it been proven as being True for you? Can you share how everything you have ever experienced had been of benefit to you? Can you share what lessons each experience had within it that you were to learn of yourself and who you believe yourself to be? How has all been of benefit to you? What have you learned of yourself and the choices YOU MADE to believe as you have chosen too? What have you experienced on your journey and how has it been of benefit to you? How has those experiences molded you into the being you are choosing to be? How have you reached the point you are at on your journey brother?

Can you share these understandings with your brothers openly, honestly and authentically holding nothing back without fear? They are very simple questions that you would be able to answer if you are and have been doing the inner work needed to heal yourself.

How deep are you willing to go within your own mind to find the truth of who you are and what you have been doing to yourself? Are you willing to look at every single thing you experienced from birth to now and how you perceived things then. How you felt and what was said to you as it happened? Are you willing to look at the judgments and opinions you were taught were the truth? Some reinforced with pain and suffering of the mental, emotional, and physical types.

For an absolute Truth is that we all believe what we are taught from the cradle. So how do you change something so ingrained you believe it defines who and what you are as a being? You willingly stop listening to everyone outside of you. You go within to Him, Holy Spirit, and ask Him for the truth of what it is you have been believing of yourself all your life. Look at every thought as it arises and discern where it comes from and consists of. Then ask Holy Spirit for the truth of it. Almost all are judgments you were taught to believe as truth and nothing more. Once you see it for what it is you can then let it go to never be again. To complete the healing ask then as to why it was it happened as it did and this too will be shown to you. That in all things they projected out on you what they felt about themselves. Nothing more nothing less. It was never about you and always about them. The last part is recognizing that you chose to continue to believe that these lies were true. In recognizing this all falls away to leave love and peace in its wake.

Everything I have stated here is true. IT is what I have been shown by Holy Spirit and my Guides. It is how I have been healed all my diseases and am walking again on my own two feet unaided. If the community will not permit a dialogue to happen within their walls. I must then begin a Testament to HIS Truth right outside their doors so all who come and go may always witness His Truth for themselves. The ones behind the doors will be left in the darkness of their own chosen Hells. They are not to be dragged kicking and screaming into His Light of Truth. They still have free will as long as they do not wilfully try to harm another brother on their own journeys to Him. Those that do will be dealt with and made accountable for their deeds.

To question is to validate. Meaning when one questions what is experienced they are given clarity and understanding as to what is happening, why it is happening and how it is of benefit to them. When one questions a door opens within them to heal all they believed to be real and true.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.