Hello world. The following is from 2014.

Was feeling inspired to write today. Thank you HS for your inspiration!

I Am Free

God is my strength. Vision is his gift. 

My sightless eye lids, I do not lift. 

I do not see, with my bodies eyes. 

They show me only, what I despise. 

I look inside you, for the Light. 

Your calls for love and not to fight. 

With God's gifts, I see you True. 

The Light of love, in each of you. 

The lost souls, afraid to try. 

To see the world, with a child's eyes. 

To live each moment, as if it's your last. 

You stop living life, in the future and past. 

These are the illusions, of my mind. 

Getting caught up, in this thing called time. 

Thinking this is reality. 

A twisted love hate, menagerie. 

Learn what is, your highest joy. 

Singing and dancing, or playing with toys. 

Whatever fills you, with endless love. 

Brings smiles, laughter, and contented hugs. 

These little things, are within you. 

Let me give you, another clue. 

Stopping looking through, your Ego eyes. 

All it sees is, what will die. 

What it wants, is misery. 

To see you in, constant agony. 

Those childhood hurts, aches, and needs. 

Pushed away, till your soul bleeds. 

Reaching out, for love and care. 

Tears in your heart, no one can hear. 

God goes with me, wherever I go. 

Now I know, I am not alone. 

Holy Spirit, take these memories. 

No longer will, my soul bleed. 

I have found the Light in me. 

Reflected back, from all I see. 

I am, a Holy Son of God. 

I am, as He created me. 

Filled, with beautiful loving Light. 

I am one, with all I see. 

Pure and innocent, truly free. 

My unconditional love, I give to thee. 

Living in this moment, is ecstasy. 

For I am not my body, I am free. 

I am still as God, created me.

Sabrina Reyenga

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.