Hello world. The following is from 2018.

Today has been an interesting day. The questions being asked are bringing to Light some misconceptions being held by my brothers. A brother shared a meme in a group that asked a question that I found myself being guided to respond to.

A brother asks, "If you could "Delete" anything from Earth what would it be?"

My response, "There seems to be a misconception being held with this statement that something is wrong and needs to be removed from existence. This simply is not true. If ANYTHING were to be removed at this time from anyone's reality a possibility of growth and healing would be removed. Such a removal would literally stall and or stagnate ones ability to move through that which is being placed before them. It would be as if they are weighted down and now shackled by an experience that cannot reach completion of comprehension of purpose so understanding is never reached.

An example of this would be my own experiences of abuse. Each rape, molestation and beating held a purpose and a lesson for me to learn about who I am and who I was choosing to believe myself to be. If I had not had those experiences I would not be who I am with the understandings that I do of what I experienced and how my brothers are experiencing very similar things at different levels of severity. I would not be able to help my brothers heal as I have been healed when sharing my experiences and the lessons I have learned through them.

As I read these responses I am given an understanding of another misconception being held. That what is or has been experienced did not happen. This is not true brothers. What is experienced cannot be changed. What is and can be changed about an experience is how it is perceived. What you experience is very real. How you perceive that experience is what is to be questioned. Your perceptions of that experience will be based on how you have been taught to think, believe, and perceive the experience, those involved and yourself. Many of those "perceptions" were handed to you in the forms of judgments and opinions that you chose to accept as being true and defining that experience, yourself, and all involved.

An example of this would be the rapes, molestations, beatings, mental and emotional abuses I experienced as a child. I was told I was bad and wrong for another touching me. I was taught that I was the one who needed to hide my form and not say anything about what was happening to me or I would be beaten into silence and shamed. I was the one choosing to accept the judgments and opinions being handed to me that I was not worthy of love, affection, gentleness, kindness, acceptance, or understanding. I was the one who accepted the belief that I am a victim of this world I perceived myself to be in.

Each one of the experiences I had I made a choice to believe what was being handed to me as defining myself, my brothers and this world. My experiences were very real my brothers. What I believed about them is what was not real. What I was believing about my brothers and myself was not real. My experiences are just that experiences. How I choose to perceive them is what matters. My choices to believe are what will make or break me. What I had chosen to believe was what broke me. It was killing me within with disease. When I chose to look at my own choices to perceive what I believed I saw the Truth and could let go all I was taught was true for what is the absolute Truth.

I, as a Sovereign Being, I make all choices and decisions to experience, perceive, and believe my reality to be using the choices of Free Will given me by God above and no man may take away this right from me. Not even by force. In all things I am the one who chooses what resonates and what does not. I am the authority of my reality. My choices are my own and no one may take them or my experiences from me. Without these experiences I would not grow and evolve Spiritually.

It is not the experience that did not happen but the way you choose to perceive it that is to be questioned. How you have been trained to JUDGE it as being is what needs to be looked at and questioned. If you keep denying your experiences you cannot heal from them. Be willing to accept the experience and your choices to judge it as you have and you open a door to healing it by changing the way you perceived it to be. It is the willingness of a mustard seed that is needed to heal and become that which you were meant to be and not that which you have been taught you are to be."

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.