With a full-time job, kids to take care of and a house to clean, it can be difficult to fit any healthy eating into a day. You likely grab whatever is closest to you that contains some sort of calorie content and cook whatever you can get made the fastest. Eating healthy meals may seem like too much trouble, and you may feel like it would be impossible for you to stick with a healthy meal plan. However, there are some simple and quick meal ideas that will allow you to get greater nutritional value without sacrificing your time. Consider a few tricks along the way to help you prepare your meals faster without feeling guilty about what you are eating. 

Protein and Veggies

Some of the simplest healthy meals to make consist of a main protein and vegetables on the side. This can be a grilled chicken breast with broccoli and roasted carrots. Salmon with a side of asparagus helps you reach your Omega-3 fatty acid goals. Turkey is a lean meat that can be cooked many ways, and steaming some fresh veggies as a side dish is quick and gives you a colorful plate of food. Visiting a seasonal farmer's market can give you great ideas for vegetables to prepare for your family.


Preparation is key when you are trying to make healthier meals efficiently. You can mix up a marinade for your grilled chicken and have it soaking in the fridge overnight. Then, when you get home, simply put the chicken on an indoor grill and cook your vegetable sides while waiting for the chicken to be ready. You can easily have dinner at the table in 30 minutes or less when you do some preparation ahead of time. 


Making a menu is also essential to sticking with your healthy goals. Shopping by your menu can help you stick with your grocery budget as you will not be buying things at random. Be sure that you are not buying unhealthy snacks, too. Consider supplements like le-vel thrive to keep you healthy between meals. Avoid anything that provides you with empty calories as you will find yourself hungry again in just a few minutes. 


While salad might sound like an extremely boring meal to eat for dinner every night, it does not have to be. There are so many healthy salad recipes that you can feel good about feeding your family. Mix it up by choosing different salad greens and special toppings. You can make a taco-themed salad by making taco meat with ground turkey and serving all the traditional taco toppings on a bed of salad greens. In this way, you can make a family favorite and cut out some carbs at the same time.


Salads can also be a great food to pack ahead of time for lunch. Eating out can be detrimental to your wallet and your waistline. By spending a few minutes prepping salads ahead of time, you will be able to grab and go during the week. You can have your salads pre-made and change up the protein that you add each day. You can easily make a yummy Caesar salad with some leftover grilled chicken sliced into pieces with romaine lettuce, croutons, ground black pepper, shredded parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing.


Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can seem like an impossible task for many busy families. However, it is important to make the commitment to providing food that is nutritious and keeps your family living their best life. Amidst all the soccer tournaments, school plays, parent-teacher conferences and full-time work schedule, try to find a few minutes each week to do a round of healthy meal preparation. Then, you will feel more prepared when you get home and get in the kitchen. Recipes do not have to be complicated to be delicious and healthy, and sometimes the simpler is better.