Hello world. The following is from 2016.

In the last few days I have found myself in conversations with folks who are in states of deep confusion. They are finding themselves in a repeating pattern that is getting more severe each time they experience it. As they share where they are at on their journeys many folks chime in. Some with encouragements and some with recriminations. Some with advice and some with the discouragements to be silent and not talk of certain things or to do what another is dictating they should.

Then you get folks like me… As I read what is being shared by my brothers I am talking internally with Holy Spirit about what it is I am perceiving being said by my brothers. Of where they are at on their journeys. As Holy Spirit shows me the truth of where my brothers are at He guides me in what it is He would have me share with them. What He has me share are my own personal experiences and the lessons He has taught me from them. He has me extend the healing I am receiving from Him to my brothers.

Each time I share in this way the response seems to be very similar all the way around. I am getting responses of awe. Comments of specialness. Gushing praises for how much more enlightened they think I am compared to them. In everything they seem determined to compare themselves with me and everyone around them. To place someone up on a pedestal as being better than they are with compliments and praises.

What I am being shown in this is the distinct lack of equality. Folks do not want to see themselves and their brothers as being equals in every way. They are determine to judge each other as being more or less than. As they look outside themselves they compare everything they go through to someone else's experiences. Always finding either themselves or their brothers lacking in some way.

They continuously seek outside of themselves for the answers in everyone around them. Very few are willing to go Within and talk to Holy Spirit. Many are being actively told to ignore and deny what they are experiencing or have experienced. To not look at that darkness. Pretend you are happy or fake it until you make it. Anytime they do these directives they find themselves increasing their own pain and suffering with no understanding as to how or why. All because they refuse to look at what they are believing within their hearts and minds as being Truth. Instead they continue to seek out the "advice" or "judgments" of others. Believing blindly what is said to them. Then enacting them on themselves with the same results each time. Misery!

Please keep in mind that I am no different from any of you. I am just a tool being used by Holy Spirit to open a door and start a dialogue of all that has been held in darkness and silence. To remove the hand of suppression we have all been under since the day we were born into this world we call reality.

Holy Spirit has shown me that everything we think we know, believe in, and place our faith and trust in to be true… Was taught to us by someone else as it was taught to them and all was a LIE we chose to believe. This pattern has been repeated continuously throughout history. Yet, no one has stopped to question any of it. We have blindly accepted it instead.

Very few have been willing to ask why. Why am I believing this? Why am I placing my faith and trust in this? These are what He is having me question. These beliefs I have been taught are truth. In questioning everything…. I find it all has been lies. Lies of manipulations, coercions, subjugations and control to get me and everyone else to conform to someone else's dictates and beliefs. To do as I am told without examining why it creates such conflict within me. To bury all aspects of self beneath the veils and blankets of another's beliefs.

If what I am sharing truly resonates within you, then please look at it with Holy Spirit. Take it in and ask your own questions of Him. He has said I am opening a door for you all. A door to a direct communication with Him. Without the blinders of misperceived concepts and beliefs blocking the way to that connection. I may be opening a door here. But you all must step through it willingly.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.