Hello world. The following is from 2014.

Had a play on words going through my mind with the title A Course In Miracles. I kept thinking ACIM…Ah Cee I AM. Then it hit me…Inspiration!


I am not New Age. 
I am timeless. 
I am not the way. 
I am A way. 
My message, will not change. 
It will always, stay the same. 
I am the Truth and the Light. 
The Holy Spirit, is Your Guide. 
This illusion, is not reality. 
In Truth, you only misperceive. 
The call for love, your brothers make. 
When they attack you, in any way. 
See beyond, what you perceive. 
Then you will see, the reality. 
They reflect what, you want to see. 
What you see is inside you, you see. 
The childhood hurts, you bury inside. 
The lack of love, you were denied. 
These became the tools, you learned to keep. 
To hide the hurts, buried deep. 
Now you are learning, to let things go. 
To unbury the hurts, so your emotions flow. 
Tapping into, the love you need. 
Locked deep inside, and you have the key. 
Be willing to look, at that darkness inside. 
Shine on it, a Loving Light. 
Recognizing in forgiving, you can be healed. 
In loving yourself, you continue to heal. 
Only then, can you rebuild. 
Relationships built, on Love not Guilt. 
No longer will you feel, guilt and shame. 
Your fears of abandonment, and constant blame. 
These negative thoughts, are never true. 
I AM Love, and I AM always with you. 
Live your life, lovingly. 
Give Unconditional Love, to all you see. 
My Love is, all encompassing. 
It has no opposite, and that is key. 
Look at this, reality. 
Forgiveness will bring you, back to me. 
Filled with Love, for Eternity. 
I am the Truth, and the Light. 
The Grace of God, is Loving Light. 
Forgive your hurts, and you will see. 
God's Loving Light, in all Humanity.

Sabrina Reyenga

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.