December of 1972 Apollo 17 left Kennedy Space Center for the Moon.



The following are REAL photographs taken on Apollo 17.  Some you have never seen!


[Notice helmet reflection!]


[This picture taken from the helmet reflection.  All American Astronauts had a backpack--necessary for survival.  The Being in the picture doesn't have a backpack!  Possible belly pack?  Also, the pants are black, not white.  We were visited at Tracy's Rock.]


[Cave at Tracy's Rock.]


[Alien Building near Apollo 17 Lunar Landing Module.]


[Tracy's Rock!]


[Apollo 17 photograph of Earth sitting near the Moon's horizon.]


[Jack Schmidt on Apollo 17.]


[Apollo 17 Sunset on the Moon.  Yes, there is a small atmosphere on the Moon.]


[Another Sunset picture taken on the Moon.]


[This shows a 'Visitor' near the Lunar Lander.  Notice the reflection in the Alien's eye!]


[This is a closeup of the Alien's eye.  It shows a reflection of the Apollo 17 landing site.]


[This is the reflection itself.  It shows an Earth Setting on the Moon's horizon--but the Earth doesn't go around the Moon.  It will rise later.  In the back is the Alien's Moon buggy.  It looks different than the Astronaut's rover vehicle.]] 

[Moon Cat?  This enhancement was taken from a real Apollo 17 picture.  (You don't have to believe it if you don't want to!)


[Original photo from NASA.]


[Picture taken as Apollo 17 returned to Moon orbit.  It shows the Alien Complex.]


[Rover accident and Astronaut had to right the rover.  That's what broke the fender.]


Added Bonus: