While I believe in trading and cooperating with OuterSpace Aliens, I also believe in being very careful in all negotiations.  The Aliens consist of Friendlies, Neutrals, and Hostiles.


     We were attacked at Fort Worth, Texas Naval Air Station in 2011.  We were attacked by a controlled proto Moon called Elenin that same year!  And, space shuttle Columbia was destroyed by Aliens.  And, there have been other all out attacks besides.






     Yes, real danger to America and the entire Planet exists in Outer Space!  Hence, I have said "The Aliens are just like us--and that isn't good!"  

     What to do?  Support your government and especially the military.  The people's right to bear arms and the various militia groups may be all that saves us in the end.  And, yes, if you shoot an Alien they drop dead, just like humans do.

     If the bottom 1% of Aliens march down our streets do what you have to do.

     But most Aliens are not attacking America or Earth.  Many appear to be genuinely friendly.  Trust your government but keep a watchful eye out.