What is the real nature of our World?  Science tells us that what we see as solid are really fields of force from spinning electrons in an atom's nucleas.  This means that 99.999999999999% of what we see and feel is . . . empty space!


     The emptiness of outerspace and even of our Worldl doesn't make things less important, however.  But it does make 'Reality' seem a little strange!  But it's more than strange.

     Since E=MC² the atoms and particles contained therein are energy fields.  (The '='o sign means identity, not equivalence).  So we are energy fields contained within yet more energy fields.



     Also, 'Time' is a little strange too.  How big is present time?  Our eyes perceive3 in tenths of seconds.  To achieve smoothness in movies film moves through the projecter at 24 frames per second.  I suspect that actual 'Present' may be Planck's Constant--a microscopic element of perception--or possibly intinitely small.  Our brains glue together immediate past with anticipated future to make the present seem big enough to be real.


     According to Einstein the past exists along eith present and future as does width, height, and depth in spatial reality.


     So, we exist in a forcefield that is forever in the past and forever in the future.  The World surrounding us is but a tiny speck of a forcefield Reality.

     But, with such limited perception, what makes this 'speck' of a World important to us?  It's because we are paticipating in it.  We are one with it.  To know reality, even a speck of it, is to be tied to it.  Reality makes contact with us.  If it didn't how could we experience it at all?  If Reality touches us then we must be a part of it.  So, consciousness pervades all of Reality.  And we are part of that Reality and of all of the consciousness that pervades that Reality.

     Einstein's space/time continuum extending in all directions doesn't allow for a beginning or end, either to matter or to us.  It would seem to be a One that focuses in on itself infinitely.


     Unity requires One.  This One has always existed and will always exist.  Change occurs within the One but the One doesn't change, no not ever!

     Perception, however, requires Many.  Each thing perceived is a particular thing, not a different thing.  Infinite Perception becomes an Infinity of Worlds.  An infinite Reality would contain Everything.  But 'everything' cannot be perceived as a unity because it would violate the Law of Contradiction because it could not be viewed or descibed as this, or that.

     We know that things exist and that we perceive some of them.  We feel that this perception comes from our bodies, warm, bloody, DNA things that move around.  Remote Viewing, however, shows that our percpetion can leave the body and view distant places.  This further shows us as the One, not the warm, bloody, DNA body we identify with.


    In our experience, our World, everything is finite.  When we think of all the automobiles on Earth the number is large, but still finite.  But the One, the Unity, isn't itself perceived.  To view it you would have to be outside of it.  By definition, the One cannot be viewed separate from ourselves.  So, Infinity can exist in the One.  In fact, that would seem to be the probability rather than the 'finite' of our perception.

     Unperceived, what is the World?  Yet, portions of our World would be unperceived when no creature is near enough to see, hear, taste, smell, or touch that portion of the World.  What, then, are the fields of force that our bodies experience?  Could they be the equivalent of mathematics/logic?

      Would this mathematics/logic extend infinitly as some equations do in mathematics?  And, is it possible that the mathematics/logic of DNA forcefields bring the mathematics/logic into focus, into perception, into color, sound, taste, smell, touch along with feelings regarding it?  And, that this color, sound, taste, smell and touch gives us solidity, extension, figure, motion, and number?


     Now that you've become familiar with John Locke pure thought (mathematics/logic) combined with Everything doesn't sound so weird.  But those that have watched the Matrix Movies have wondered if the World really is a . . . Matrix.  Phycists have shown that the World is definity weird!

     I can only conclude that all of us, the infinitely many of us, are all part of a single Mind (not talking brain here).  We are all brothers and should love one another.  And, this includes the little creatures in the forests and the oceans.  It also includes those . . . Outerspace Aliens too!