For us color, sound, taste, smell, and touch cause--possibly in our brains--the mathematical notions of solidity, extension, figure, motion, and number.  Objectively, however, it is the existence of solidity, extension, figure, motion, and number that causes the sensations of color, sound, taste, smell, and touch in us.  In short, this may indicate that the Outside World is mathematical.



     Mathematics is logical thought.  In fact, it has been argued that mathematics and logic are one and the same since each can give rise to the other.  And, this solves a problem in Metaphysics.  Namely, how can there be preexisting space for the World?

     If our World, objectively viewed, is all mathematical concepts then how big are they and how much do they weigh?  Size and weight would seem not to apply.  An existing apple has weight and size.  But the 'thought' of an apple doesn't have weight and size.

     In short, the physical dimensions of our World is given by our brains after contact with sensation.  This size and weight is relational to our DNA body which, itself, is given by the same process.  Our bodies are perceived just as an apple is perceived.

     In short, there is no necessity for anything but thought--in the form of wavelengths I suspect--to make  up our World, a World that seems so concrete, so fixed, so all encompassing.  And, how much space does 'thought' take up?  I suspect none.  In fact, the question itself doesn't seem to have much meaning.

     So, space not existing except as mathematical notion means that our World has mathematical space, which is infinite!  And, it has time that's infinite as well.

     We exist in an Infinite Block of Thought.  And, we are in control of this Thought!


     So, it's possible that our existence is really in 'No Space' and spatial existence is illusion.  This might explain Remote Viewing, God, Unity, and Infinity.  It certainly helps to explain Entanglement and Time Travel!  So, it may be that 'on the other side' it's all One and we are tied together much tighter than we thought!  I believe this is why Jesus taught the 'Doctrine of Love'.



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