"As the coronavirus epidemic continues and people on both sides are debating whether it is over- or underestimated, it is worth pausing to consider which agendas, and I mean which agendas of the NWO (New World Order) are being implemented using the epidemic as cover or pretext.


Many speakers at the 201 event simulation (organized by the Johns Hopkins Center in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) spoke of the need for centralized information control during a pandemic (...)


The plan is to continue the censorship that Big Tech (large technology companies) have been practising for years, under the pretext of harmful "false news", by claiming that the spread of false information during an emergency is a bigger problem than usual and must be stopped (...)


The cash abolition agenda is a long-term NWO programme that goes hand in hand with transhumanism, i.e. the digitisation of everything in society, including money, information and life itself. (…)


China took the opportunity to further advance the cash abolition agenda by stating that paper money must now be taken out of circulation as it may contain traces of CoVID-19 and thus contribute to the spread of the coronavirus. Governments love martial law scenarios, some of the photos and videos coming out of China showing the police state there are terrible.


Another crisis, another opportunity for the government to see how far it can go under the banner of fighting the virus. The coronavirus epidemic is a good excuse for governments around the world to introduce one of their favourite NWO agendas: compulsory vaccination. The reason why this agenda is so popular is that it gives the authorities access to the human body, not just the citizen's body, but also the bloodstream.


To tell the truth, we have no idea what is in the needle when it is injected, so all sorts of things could be implanted in our bodies without our knowledge or consent. Whatever the truth about the origin of the virus itself, who created it, how it was released, and whether it is really as dangerous as it is spread, there is no doubt that the entire phenomenon of the coronavirus epidemic is being used to accelerate various NWO agendas in the typical problem-response-solution style".


Makia Freeman, US researcher, writer and media editor

Coronavirus, Covid-19, has triggered a new pneumonia outbreak with symptoms such as coughing, fever and shortness of breath. It has already caused approximately 3,000 deaths and infected 90,000 people. Most of them are found in the city of Wuhan which is believed to be the place of origin and epicentre of the contagious outbreak, but the virus has since travelled from China to other countries throughout the world, forcing thousands of people into quarantine.


What are the origins of this hugely contagious virus? Does it have any connection to the Wuhan seafood market where exotic animals are apparently sold illegally or was the virus transmitted by bats? Alternatively, could it be a mutated virus that came out of a biological weapons laboratory? To date, the origins of this extremely contagious lethal virus has not been clarified.


The WHO has sounded the alarm that the world has to prepare itself for a “global epidemic”. This warning has affected many sectors, whilst the speed with which the sickness is spreading has caused several countries to close its borders with China, cancel numerous sporting events and postpone political proceedings and celebrations, not only in the Asian nation but the world over. This has seriously impacted tourism and the global economy.


What can be said about the mysterious deaths of physicians and whistle-blowers… why have some researchers claimed they are expecting this pandemic to affect 18 million people and trigger more than a million deaths? And what about the simulation organised by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that was coincidently held just a few months before the worldwide pandemic started in China with the coronavirus? Does this have anything to do with the NWO agenda and its quest to control the population on a global level? What is behind all of this that they do not want to come to light?


Video by Alcyon Pleiades


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