Hello world. The following was written 03/20/2020

Something to think on my brothers. Before this virus was announced the world was experiencing mass protests in every single country that was initially hit. These numbers being reported seem skewed because they are. How do you silence and remove those who stand against you with no one asking questions? How do you get rid of the masses fighting against you with no one asking any questions? How do you take back control and have your people begging you to save them from you? You tell them there is a pandemic. You create mass fear so they conform and comply willingly if unknowingly with their own imprisonment and murder. You tell them you have a vaccine to cure them. Never telling them that implanted in that vaccine is also the device that will be used to kill them remotely...

Everything you are witnessing has been manufactured to play out the way it is. Your minds and emotions are the tools being used against you right now to gain your willing compliance with whatever those in authority decide to hand to you as the answer. Their next step is to strip from you every ability you have to decide so choose for yourself who are and would choose to be. Where you go and what you will do with your time and personal being. Their next step is to have you willingly accept your own slavery to them and to never stand against them again. They will use your love against you to get what they want. Your pain and suffering will never end for that is the tool they use to keep you in line doing as they dictate you do. It is an illusion this belief they would ever stop hurting you.

This illusion that another has authority over you to punish you if you do not conform and comply willingly is no more than slavery under an illusion of freedom of choice. The choice handed you is whether they kill you or the person next to you. It depends on what you choose. Which one is less painful for you in that moment. It is a mind fuck from hell and a recognition of the manipulations ALL are put through unconsciously and unknowingly. This mentality has been being taught from one generation to the next since time began. It is now time for Humanity to break these chains binding them in place to an illusion using their own minds and emotions against them.

It is now during this time of isolation that an opportunity of introspection is given to revisit our life's journey and see what we would now choose to be. Do we continue our slavery consciously and willingly? Or do we choose our Sovereignty so take responsibility for ourselves and these choices we are making to believe as we are choosing to? The time is now for Humanity to choose what they will be so do.

What do you choose for you? You may only choose for yourselves and no one else. Each of you must willing make a choice of who and what you want to be and do here. No one may make this choice for you and you cannot make anyone else's for them. Not even your children. They to must make these choices for themselves as the Sovereign Beings they are and would choose to be. What will you choose?

That which you ignore, deny so resist shall persist until you choose to LOOK at that which Spirit is placing in front of you. If you would have your pain and suffering end you must willingly look at what you experience to see how you judge it to be.

You ignore that which does not correlate with your chosen beliefs. You look past what is placed before you. You choose to SEE what you want to believe. Choose differently.

You have been indoctrinated to believe you must conform, comply and adhere to another and what they dictate you be to be accepted so loved by them. You have been taught poorly. Love has no conditions. You were LIED to. You were taught illusions were Truth.

Accept yourselves Unconditionally as you are, where you are at on your journeys. It is your unwillingness to accept yourselves that has you unable to accept your brothers as they are and would choose to be. You have been trained that Love is Conditional.

Love IS ALL THAT IS. When you extend Love Unconditionally you accept your brother as they are and would choose to be without judgment. You accept so allow them to choose what resonates for them. Your acceptance extended gains you acceptance in return. That which you judge you are JUDGED to be so experience. You manifest it for yourselves the more you choose to judge another.

Let go thy judgments and Heaven will be before you. Keep thy judgments and your chosen Hell shall be there for you. It is a choice you each must make to shift your purview so change that which you have chosen for you. No one may do this for you. Love IS.

Drop the false facades and masks you have donned to hide yourselves behind. It is time to come out of hiding now. To Stand in your Light of Truth no matter what your brothers would choose for themselves. Your choice is yours alone to make. Heaven or Hell?

Break these chains that are binding you in place spinning your wheels getting nowhere. Look at that which you have chosen to blindly accept so believe to see that which is binding you here. Let go those things trapping you holding you in place. Drop it.

Each judgmental label and belief you have accepted has created the bars to the cage that traps you in the nightmares of your own making here. Each one creates a wall between you and your brothers. You build your own boxes with your chosen beliefs. Break it.

These differences you think you perceive were judgments taught to you. Each one created to divide you from each other. To break the connection to the lines of communication between you. To limit your ability to unify as one with one Mind, Heart and Soul.

Recognize how you judge your brothers so judge yourselves. See the labels you use to limit yourselves and each other. You're asked to accept each other as you are without judgments. To recognize how you are all the same experiencing the exact same things.

That which effects your brother effects you. That which effects you shall effect your brother. You are all connected to each other Heart, Mind and Soul. What you project out IS what the Universe will reflect back to you. Think about what you extend now.

Let go thy fears. All is as it needs to be in these moments. All you go through is for your benefit and through you ALL of Humanity. Nothing is going wrong here. Humanity is given an opportunity for a new beginning. To change direction and choose differently this time.

You are given an opportunity to come together in Unity and Love for the benefit of all of you. To look at how it is you each stand in judgment of yourselves and each other. How you negate what is being experienced by another because you have never experienced it yourselves. Just because you do not experience something does not mean it is not real and being experienced by someone else. Our experiences are colored by how we are choosing to judge so perceive.

My brothers. I AM a Spiritual Healer, Psychic empath, Clear Open Channel, Hands on Healer and Master Teacher. I give freely that which Spirit has given me to heal myself on all levels of my being. I share as Spirit would have me share of the experiential aspects of the journey with the lessons learned through them.

Humanity my reason for giving freely of that which is given me to help you heal as I have healed is SELFISH in its reasoning. I want you to heal that which is hurting you so I NO LONGER HAVE TO EXPERIENCE YOUR PAIN AND SUFFERING! I feel your pain.

I meant what I said. I want your pain and suffering healed so I no longer need experience it myself. I feel your mental, emotional and physical pain.

All are able to shift their perspectives of that which they think they perceive if they are willing to question that which they have been taught to believe. It is the questioning that shall free them from the shackles of their own making.

The key is in learning to drop our preconceived notions and judgments from our questions if we would receive an answer. It would be those notions that shall block us from receiving the understanding and clarity we so desperately seek here on the journey. Seek the Truth above all else and the answers you seek shall be given you when you ask. You have to ask first though.

Spirit will lay the Truth before you and walk away allowing you to choose whether or not what has been shared resonates as Truth for you or not. Spirit will not drag you kicking and screaming into the Light of Understanding. You must willing pick yourself up off the ground and accept what Spirit lays before you then walk into the Light of your own Free Will through Choice to accept so LIVE that which Spirit has shared with you.

Please be the Light I see you to be. Please be the Light I know you to be. Please be the Light you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light. Please choose to be the beacon of Light in the darkness your brothers are lost in. Please choose to hold that space and Light for your brothers in the nightmares of the journeys they traverse upon. Please be the Light in their hours of need.

Blessings to you all on your perspective journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you all!