Hello world. The following was written 03/20/2020.

They put it right in front of you! All the government and those in power and control put what it is they are doing right before you. They tell you what they are doing. You are taught to look past it as if it is not there. To ignore what you know to be the Truth and accept instead the lies they would feed you.

A brother asks, "If you find something cool to watch please post and share with this extra time I'm looking for things to watch."

My response, "Here are a couple of movies to consider if you haven't seen them already. All of these will give you an idea of where we are as a society & where our gov's have taken us to the brink of.

The Network (1976)
1984 (movie)
Soylent Green
The Circle
The Dreyfuss Initiative

Just an FYI... The Network points to our modern media & their corruption. 1984 points to how our gov's lie, use propaganda, illegal surveillance, coercion & manipulation to keep control. Soylent Green points to how fetal tissue is used in our foods & medicines.

As for The Circle, it points to social manipulation for total invasion of privacy & social justice through mob mentality as well as open surveillance & spying. The Dreyfuss Initiative points to what our Constitution & the Preamble of it stand for & mean.

By the way, if you truly want a mind blowing movie, watch Caligula (1979). Word of warning it is very graphic in nature and sexual explicit in some respects so not fit for children. The same can be said of 1984. If you watch Caligula pay attention to the psychology.

The psychology depicted in Caligula is in direct correlation to how Humanity has been indoctrinated to think so perceive themselves and all around them through a lens of insane fear.

Recognize when watching these films how each is showing you exactly what it is those in authority are doing. They tell you what they do. They place it right in front of you. You are taught to ignore it & look past it as if it is not there. You blindly accept it."

A brother states, "Note to self.... Don't ask Sabrina what to watch when the world is in panic mode and peoples anxiety is high."

My response, "As I stated last night, my motivation in helping Humanity awaken is selfish. I would have Humanity heal as I have healed so I no longer experience their pain & suffering as my own. I feel their mental, emotional & physical pain & suffering within my own being. Heal!

Each one of the films mentioned shall open Humanities eyes to the Truth of what has been done to them. Each one shall piss them off 1st, then motivate them to change what they do & how the do it. How the think, perceive & believe shall change. Sovereignty or Slavery.

Something to consider, when one understands how their mind works, they are no longer able to be manipulated, coerced nor forced to think, say, or do anything they do not want to do. No longer will they be able to be controlled through fear, shame, blame or guilt.

The purpose of these particular films would be to open ones eyes to what is & has been right in front of them. To stop their fear & anxiety in its tracks & turn those reactions into anger & then determination to make sure this never happens to anyone ever again."

Watch and learn how they are telling you what it is they are and will do. They put it right in front of you! Everything you are witnessing here and now today they have already told you they were going to do it. They put it right in front of you. Problem here is that you did not believe it could really happen to you. The Truth is right in front of you. What are you going to do now?

Blessing on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.