Hello world. The following is from 2019.

Been having some interesting conversations of late. I have found myself faced with a number of brothers who would judge the way I am expressing myself. They do not seem to comprehend that no one is required to think, perceive, speak, act, do and believe as they are choosing to. Some take issue with my swearing. Others take issue with how I will respond to a brother in these dialogues I am sharing. What none of them understand is that Spirit will use the language needed to get one's attention so they can hear whatever message is being shared.

I came across a post from a brother that was Quoting Trump today and found myself responding to one of the comments. The original quote was, ""People who are confident in their beliefs do not censor others" -President Trump 3/21/19"

Brother one responds, "People who are confident in their beliefs shouldn't be afraid of others."

Brother two responds, " Unless said belief threatens them."

Brother three responds, "Or threatens family"

My response, "Such as how Islam is going around murdering anyone of any religion or belief system that does not believe as they do… I would say this, DO NOT fear them. Face them and call them out for the atrocities that are committed in the name of Islam and ask them what God would condone so much death, murder, enslavement, rape and violence.

For every other belief system teaches one to love, honor and accept what another is choosing for themselves, except them. Every other belief system honor their women, children and elderly, except them. Almost every other belief system is against CHILD marriages and sex enslavement of their women, except them. None of the other belief systems will use children as suicide bombers, except them.

So why is it they are choosing to believe as they do, if all their religion is dictating is considered evil by all other beings within creation? Would be interesting to see someone of that belief system explain their way out of this one…."

Spirit has had me Standing in my Light of Truth not holding anything back in any way. I am literally holding no punches here in what it is I am being shown and Spirit is having me share. Spirit was not kidding when He threw that gauntlet down. Humanity has to make a choice of what it is they prefer here. Do they want to be slaves or Sovereign Beings?

The slave chooses to make someone else responsible for them and all they choose to do. They see themselves as the victim and prefer that modality of being. The Sovereign Being chooses to take responsibility for themselves and all choices they would choose to make. They accept and understand that what they choose shall shape and form the experiential aspects of their chosen reality. They understand they ARE the AUTHORITY of themselves and all they choose to be.

See what I mean by throwing the gauntlet down? Spirit may as well be slapping Humanity across the face in a challenge to a duel here… Do you want to be slaves or Sovereign Beings?

I had a brother make a statement that had me considering the value of such an endeavor as imagining made up scenarios within one's own mind to keep from experiencing them…

A brother states, "I've found that pondering possibilities, if you think about events and consequences thoroughly. This may erase your need to learn said lesson… get it?? I've been playing with this concept for awhile… making a good choice is best.."

My response, "On my journey I have NOT found that to be true. It is the experience in and of itself that IS the catalyst to one seeking the Truth above and beyond what they have been taught. Consider the UFO community. Until one experiences it, they have no belief in it. Its a conspiracy."

My brother responds, "Right, I agree the ultimate choice is what's important in learning or believing or knowing… I was talking about the alternative options or choices, may have an effect too, if you think them thru learning through. Like you said, …on some dimension experienced… ehh?"

My response, "I am told what you refer to and would be more applicable so conducive to that learning would be the listening to the sharing of one's personal experiences with the aspects of the lessons learned through them. That way context is given with the emotional connection as well."

Something to consider regarding ascension and the process. It is a process of baby steps of turning within to Spirit and only Spirit. It is the taking back of ones Sovereignty of Being through the acceptance of responsibility for one's choices to be and believe.

Fear is learned. It is taught and accepted as being True. Fear is based from Judgment. We are taught to fear Judgments. When we are judged we are told we are unworthy. It affects us on a subliminal psychological level of our being. It limits our ability to simply BE. One of the tools used in this creation of fear using judgments would be the ideology of prohibitionism. It basis all on the theory that Humanity will blindly accept, follow, believe and do what they are told if they are given an idea that something is prohibited. They use one's own mind and emotions against them to enslave them with limitations.

Everything is connected whether we recognize it in the moment it is being experienced or not. We are responsible for every choice we make to believe so perceive. That choice creates our Akashic Records and activates our soul contracts. All we experience has been created specifically for us on this journey we are having. We create contracts before entering this reality and these bodies of all we would experience and learn of. Those contracts are held within the Hall of Akashic Records for each individual being and every incarnation they have ever had anywhere within Creation.

I have experienced wandering through a hall of "records" or "scrolls", tablets and books within a dream scape and even waking visions. I could pick up and look through anything I wanted. I would find myself pulling out scrolls of past lives and experiences remembered. I remember being told I could look at whatever I wanted. I was seeking healing and soul growth when I was there each time. I wasn't interested in anything else at the time I was there other than the healing and understanding I was seeking. Interesting, I hadn't thought about that aspect until now. I was actively seeking healing and only healing…

Everything I have experienced had a purpose and reason for being beyond what I had initially judged it as being. I have found that every experience I have ever had has been of benefit to me. Every trauma had a purpose and lesson I was to learn of myself and how I was CHOOSING to perceive and believe blindly. How in each instance I was the one judging or accepting judgments about what was being experienced. When I started looking within with Spirit at my experiences, Spirit showed me what I experienced and how I was judging all of it. When I could SEE that, I could let it go and HEAL fully on all levels of my being. I had to stop listening to everyone and everything outside of me and only listened to Spirit the voice I heard within me and outside of me at the same time…

I had to look at what was experienced and see how I was in judgment of it and accepting judgments of it. When I could see it, I healed it. Spirit pointed out how my abusers repeated the patterns taught to them blindly without questioning just as I had done. We were the same… The only difference between us were that I started questioning what had been taught to me and I was holding those ideas and beliefs in my own mind as being real and true. Each and every one had been taught to me.

In the moments the understanding of what is being shown to me occurs I experience what feels like an actual earthquake happening to me and around me. Except nothing is actually happening that anyone else can perceive in those moments. I am literally feeling the Earth move beneath me and through me. What is being experienced is strictly on an individual level of awareness. Only those with the ability to perceive energies may be able to witness what it is you are experiencing in those moments. Them and your animal companions. No one else will experience this as it is happening to you.

That "earthquake" experience is a consciousness shift or a reality shift that is happening within you. As that energy shifts your reality shifts with it. That energy is expelled outwards from you its center. Think atoms exploding! Think in terms of an engine that isn't hitting on all cylinders. As each one starts to fire off the tempo and energy changes. Similar to tuning a musical instrument. When you hit the sweet spot things move…

What I am talking about here is the splitting off into another parallel reality. When we are given multiple choices we choose each one at some level of our being and experience it in another reality. Each one of those choices are being experienced simultaneously in a parallel reality. Each one changes the direction of your journey and the aspects of your contract.

Everything you experience and go through is for your benefit and will have some lesson within it you are to learn of yourself and who you really are and are meant to be. Every experience has a purpose and reason for being. All have been chosen by you to be experienced here so you could learn whatever lessons you came here to learn. Each one of you created your own contracts for your journeys here in this reality. It is now time for you to take responsibility for yourselves and decide what it is you would prefer to experience here.

Do you want to be slaves or Sovereign Beings? Spirit has thrown the gauntlet down. Are you brave enough to pick it up and take up His challenge? All of you are capable of deciding this for yourselves. Question is are you willing to?

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you all.