When you begin a new exercise routine, you are usually quite eager to see the benefits. Fast results are a great motivator to prompt you to continue your newfound healthy habits. While it is important to remember that change doesn’t happen overnight, there are some things you can do to start looking and feeling great in no time at all. 



Any efforts that you make to change your body with just exercise alone will be slower than if you were to adopt a healthy diet along with it. There is no need to restrict yourself from the foods you love entirely, but be mindful of your eating habits. If you make even a few small, positive changes, such as cutting out sugary drinks and overly processed foods, then your results will be fast-tracked. Conversely, if you exercise religiously but gorge on high-calorie junk food each day, your efforts will take much longer or may even be negated completely. Exercise alone cannot overcome an extremely unhealthy diet. Maintaining a diet of mostly whole foods is a good place to start. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, healthy fats, and high-quality protein. Hydration is also important. Drink plenty of water each day. Some experts recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water; so if you weigh 150 pounds, aim to consume 75 ounces. 


Another way to boost your pre-workout routine is to consider taking a supplement that is designed to maximize your efforts. A product that is formulated to meet your unique needs can make a big difference in how you feel. Supplements will fill in any gaps in your nutrition that aren’t met by diet, and provide added nutrients to fuel your workout, keeping you energized and feeling great. 1st Phorm provides several options for a pre-workout supplement that will provide support for focus and endurance.



Equally as important as the workout itself, is what you do afterward. Proper recovery is vital to prevent injury and maximize the benefits of your hard work. Immediately after your workout and cool down, a nice stretch or session with a foam roller will help to combat the soreness and stiffness of your muscles. You may even choose to treat yourself to a nice massage on occasion! Push yourself, but not too hard. Allow your body time to rest and recover between strenuous workouts. Perhaps you could alternate cardio and strength training to give your muscles time to heal. Or incorporate a yoga routine into the mix. Too much vigorous exercise too fast can impede your progress by not allowing time for your tissues to repair. 


You also need to replenish your body's energy. When you exercise you deplete your body of water and essential nutrients, so making sure you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function well will go a long way to recovery and making good progress. You may choose to get most of your nutrients from paying close attention to your diet, or you could again rely on supplements such as probiotics for digestive health and reduced inflammation, collagen to aid muscle recovery, potassium to keep your heart and muscles strong, and magnesium to promote muscle relaxation. Creatine is another supplement to consider that will help you more quickly improve your strength. Amino acids such as BCAA's and antioxidants like CoQ10 can also help with post-workout muscle soreness and fatigue.


Not everyone will benefit from the same techniques and supplements, so pay attention to how your body responds and adjust accordingly. Keep yourself hydrated, especially after an intense sweat session. Remember that sports drinks don’t contain all the nutrients that you need to replenish and should not be relied upon.


Take good care of your body and allow yourself to progress at a pace that is tolerable for you. Some discomfort is to be expected when you begin a new exercise routine and are working at changing your body, but you should not be in pain or cause injury to yourself.