Hello world. The following is from 2018.

Humanity, HISTORY is repeating itself. As with any experience, the energy repeats itself until the lesson has been learned and healing occurs. The events occurring around the world and close to home are a pattern being repeated. If one would look back on the histories of the world and the events that took place back then, the Truth of what is happening today would dawn within their mind.

The use of subterfuge, propaganda, manipulation, coercion, pain and suffering are the controlling mechanisms to get a populous to willingly hand away their Sovereignty of Being and Free Will to someone else who states they are the authority, all for a false sense of safety and security. They willingly hand away their rights and freedoms to another who states they are the authority. They willingly hand away their rights to defend themselves, their families, their neighbors and their country. They do this for the illusion of being protected and taken care of.

Humanity you are willingly choosing to be a victim. You are willingly choosing to become a slave with no rights and no property of your own. Just as the generations before you throughout history have done. Each of you are handing away your rights to choose for you what resonates as Truth. You think and believe you are making someone else responsible for you and what happens to you.

What you fail to understand is that your choices are what is causing you all the trials, tribulations and traumas that you do. Your choices to be victims and blindly follow these laws created by man to take away your rights is what keeps you trapped in your cages. YOU ARE responsible for every single choice you make to think, believe, perceive and judge every experience as you do. YOU ARE responsible for YOU and all that you are CHOOSING to do! No one else is responsible for you and these choices you are making.

Pointing fingers, placing blame, guilting and shaming another for what you are failing to accept responsibility for, is on you. You are the sole party responsible for how you are choosing to perceive everything that you do. You do not have to believe or accept what another is choosing for themselves. That was never required of you. All that is required would be to allow them to be as they choose without judgments. The only exception to this would be when a being is hurting themselves or another. They are to be stopped and helped to understand why their actions are not allowed. For their actions take from another their free will and Sovereignty which is not allowed.

Humanity, your marches are paid for as are the protests and many of these mass shootings, bombing and other terrorist attacks. The violence being inflicted on you is manufactured to trigger specific responses within you of pain, anger, anguish, fear and outrage. These are the triggers they seek within you. These are the catalysts being used to control and manipulate you to do what someone else is wanting. These are the strings the puppet masters pull when they want YOU TO RESPOND. You are the puppet, the slave who does what they are told when they are told without question.

All of this happens when you refuse to accept responsibility for yourself and the choices you are making to believe. You willingly poison yourself with the foods, water, air and medications you are told to partake of without question. Same goes for the media, books, movies and music you so willingly take in as the mass consumer you have been trained to be. You willingly bow down to the dictates of the authority as would any proper slave.

In choosing to no longer think for yourselves you willingly walk yourselves into the gas chambers of history as lambs to the slaughter being pushed over the ledge into the lions den for the feeding, except this time around you are leaping like lemmings one after another to your own demise. All in a belief that someone else has authority over you and that you do not get a choice in what you experience or happens to you. That you are not allowed to protect yourself or choose differently than those around you.

If Humanity would look back on the annals of history they would see how the people willingly handed away their rights and how Humanity was then slaughtered after doing so. They would see how the silencing of their voices kept others from witnessing what was happening to their neighbors. When everyone else was gone they were the next ones to be taken and walked to their death. Each and every generation has done this. Each has chosen to place another before them as a shield. To use their brother for their own gain and semblance of safety. Each generation chose to point fingers, place blame and never accept responsibility for the choices they were making to be and believe.

Humanity you are faced with a choice to accept responsibility for yourselves and your choices to be and believe or face the atrocities your forefathers went through in their belief that someone else was the authority over them. Each of you are Sovereign Beings with the Free Will given you by the Creator to choose what resonates in your hearts as Truth and being right for you and only you. You cannot choose for another what would be right for them. You only get to choose for you. Recognize this in all that you do. You are responsible for YOU AND ONLY YOU! Allow your brothers to choose what they will. For their choices will be the burdens they will carry and have to heal from. If not in this life then the next they choose to incarnate in.

As Eternal Sovereign Beings you manifest all that you focus your mental and emotional energies on. Good or bad it matters not. If you focus on it you manifest it within your reality and experience. It is the choices you are making to be, perceive and believe that create these experiences for you. Consider all you have chosen to believe in and recognize your own choices to be. For each choice made by you to accept that which you do is a judgment being made by you to be as you have chosen to believe.

Humanity you are faced with a decision here. Do you keep blindly following and believing all that is being placed before you without questioning its validity in Truth or do you begin to actually look at what is experienced and question what you thought and believed everything to be? This choice is yours. Do you continue to repeat the patterns your forefathers placed before you or do you break the cycle and start a new path and direction towards Sovereignty? Humanity this choice is yours. What will you choose?

Please be the Light, I see you to be. Please be the Light, I know you to be. Please be the Light, you are meant to be. Please choose to be the Light.

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.